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Soulful Living: Living as a Soul & Doing the Soul's Work
by Rita Milios, MSW

What is "soulful living"? It should be pretty obvious, one would think. Just define the words themselves. Soulful living. Living as a soul. But, then weíd have to further question...what, really, does that mean? How many of us, if weíre honest, would have even a clue as to how to "live as a soul"?

It sounds pretty spiritual, lofty even. It sounds like a good idea. So why is it such a mystery? Why arenít more of us doing it? Or, could it be that we are, and just donít know it? Could it be that we know what to do to live as a soul, and sometimes succeed at it, yet we do it unconsciously, unaware of the important impact we are having on ourselves and the world?

Iím convinced that this is the case. Since we all are ≠ at our core, in our essence ≠ really souls, we already know how to live that way... when we put our personalities aside and allow our souls to take control.

This, then is the key. Soulful living is conscious living. It is living with a conscious intent and a conscious purpose to put our personality needs and desires aside and defer to our soulís intentions, our soulís will. In my work as a psychotherapist and spiritual coach, I help people identify their soulís intent and I help them align with it ≠ if that is what they truly desire. But first, they must commit to a desire for soulful living, after having come to a full, conscious awareness of what it really means.

A s we grow spiritually and travel further along the Path, we begin to see the spiritual Path not as a personal "achievement" but as a divine responsibility ≠ a responsibility to use our emerging energies more consciously and compassionately, with the proper intent. And that intent is a soul intent, not a personality intent. It is an intent that is focused on group needs, not personal needs, on group achievement, not personal achievement. Yet, it is an intent that always brings greater good, greater joy to the person who willingly undertakes it.

To find and align ourselves with our true soulís intent, it is useful to consider what kind of spiritual focus we already have, what kind of spiritual energy we already possess.

There are two main kinds of energy that we can, as personalities, wield in the world. Each of these energies carries a different spiritual intent, and our actions often reflect these hidden intentions.

The energy of Love/Compassion is an energy that resonates to a love vibration. It is a heart-focused energy, and is magnetic in nature. It draws people in. It calls them toward the one who possesses it, because to be in their vibrations is to feel warm, safe and loved. The love vibration moves us toward compassion, caring and loving ways of expressing our spiritual intent.

A person who wields love-focused energy as a soul, deferring to the soulís intent, acts in ways that are based on genuine love, caring, and a sense of service. In contrast, a person with heart-focused energy, but who maintains a personality intent, based on personal needs, might act in loving ways. But they would have a personal agenda attached ≠ for instance, to be liked, or to be viewed as "special."

The other type of energy is Will energy. Will energy is the force of Spirit within us. It is radiant and stimulates creation and activity. True spiritual will initiates action toward a higher, spiritual purpose, rather than toward our own personal purposes. The will vibration is a mind or mental vibration. It works through the energy of intuition, of inner guidance. It provides us with a way to first discover our soulís intent and then to bring it forth into the world.

A will-focused person with a soul intent uses their spiritual will with detachment. They do not try to impress their ideas or purpose on others. On the other hand, a will-focused person using their personal will may try to impose their will on others. They may press for their agenda, for getting their way, regardless of whether their agenda serves others, or only themselves.

Now, it is not to say that we cannot, and should not, have our own desires, wishes, and agendas. Being a soul-focused person, living soulfully, simply means that our desires, our agenda, are placed lower in our priorities than our soulís agenda. We consciously seek to know our soulís purpose and to defer our personal will to the greater will of our soul, if and when we find a discrepancy between the two. However, the more we become soul-focused, the more likely our personal desires and intents will be one and the same with our soulís intent.

As we move toward soulful living, we begin to resonate more with the other energy vibration (that of will or love) and our energies become "rounded out." Then we begin to embody and express a balanced complement of both love energy and will energy. When our will is tempered with love, and we therefore begin to think and act with true spiritual wisdom, we finally become fully aligned with our soulís purpose. We begin to fulfill our destiny of soulful living.

© Copyright Rita Milios 2002. All Rights Reserved.

Rita Milios

Rita Milios, MSW, LISW is a licensed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher with more than twenty years experience providing spirituality education, intuitive training and guidance for people seeking to develop their inner wisdom. Author of Tools for Transformation, Dream Journal and other books and audiotapes, Rita has led seminars and workshops on the topics of dreams, meditation, intuition, visualization, creativity, emotional literacy and self-development. She has worked with lay people, businesses, educational audiences and associations. Rita's intuitive training and pathwork can be experienced through individual sessions or as part of a group training and development package.

Rita is available for spiritual coaching and transformational dreamwork. For details and information about individual dream interpretations, write to: rita@ritamilios.com

Rita is also available as a speaker for workshops, trainings and keynotes. For workshops, write the author at this address or email rita@ritamilios.com.






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