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Tara Caroselli

Your Posture, Your Attitude and Your Health
by Tara Caroselli

Transformation can be achieved once we have awareness.
We can change anything. It is within our power to change
because we have freewill to make choices.

Self Observation Assists in Awareness and Transformation

Lets take a walk together and have a look at ways we may be holding undue stress in our bodies. Often it is our habits that do not support our ease of movement and overall health.

Below is a checklist. Do not to be critical of yourself. The idea is to self-observe and become aware of what is going on in your body. Have you ever noticed any of these actions? What messages are we receiving about the actions we are performing that are not working for us?

  • Do you experience numbness anywhere in the body? Neck, arms, hands or feet?
  • Do you stand with your knees locked straight?
  • Do you have tension in your neck and shoulders at the end of the day?
  • Do you walk leading with your head? Is the rest of your body just coming along for the ride?
  • Do you get headaches?
  • Do you have a hump at the base of your neck and at the top of your spine?
  • Do you stand or sit with your arms crossed? Legs crossed?

Posture is our inner attitude reflected outwards to the world.
Change your attitude; Change your life.
Change your posture; Change your world.

Emotional Beliefs about ourselves, which may not necessarily be true, is an example of the way our inner attitudes can affect us. What the mind thinks, the body does. For example, "People will like me if I am shorter. I don’t want to stick out so I will try and be small."

Flight or Fight is another inside and outside influence. Our bodies are not designed to hold these modes for long periods of time. Short spurts of action and adrenalin are fine. We are designed to run from the saber tooth tiger when necessary. But once the chase is over, we are to let go, shake it off and relax.

If we are in a flight or fight mode and we do not drop it and get back to neutral, we then carry that tension into our next task. This holding is called "Stress." We have all heard about how stress affects us overall and wears out our bodies.

Breathing is another thing that is affected by flight or fight. When in this mode, our breathing becomes shallow and we get only small amounts of oxygen--not a lung full, which would be optimal for the body to function at its peak. Oxygen is one of our major life forces.

We don’t have to hold onto tension. We can get into a neutral zone where we do not react to everything around us. We respond instead. We respond with ideas, solutions, and right actions. We do not have to take the stress on. We have a choice. We are not victims of our environment. We have freewill.

Our posture is the silent message we give to people on how we see, relate and interact with the world around us.

Posture has become a dirty word. We hear all the old voices saying, "Sit up straight." Or "Sit back in you chair."

We were born with natural balance and poise. Over time, we can lose this by misusing our bodies, or holding on to inside and outside influences. Transformation comes from the release of old behavior habits and compensations. We were born with natural balance and poise, and we can regain it again.

The human body is a miracle. It seeks out balance and healing from the minute we are born. We just have to get out of the way.

The importance of good posture is a thousand fold.

  • Good posture allows free movement of energy, blood, nerve impulses, and oxygen. This, in turn, assists the body to work more efficiently and heal more effectively. Good Posture allows our inner body to be free of blocks and tension, to assist in optimal health
  • Good posture is a fluid adjustment of the moving body, through a changing environment.
  • Good posture is a fluid action where the body is moving in union with all the other body parts with out holding onto stress. The body is always seeking balance and self-healing.

Natural balance, poise and ease of movement are our birthright. Only when we become aware, can we change things. We had it once, we can have it again.

Copyright © 2002 by Tara Caroselli. All Rights Reserved. 

Tara Caroselli
Tara Caroselli has actively practiced yoga and meditation on a regular basis since 1978. She most recently lived in upstate NY in Shree Muktananda Ashram from 1991-1999. Prior to that she lived in Gurudev Siddha Peeth India, the mother Ashram of Siddha Yoga, from 1989-1991. She has also lived in Australia where she studied a variety of healing arts. Her training background includes: Applied Kinesiology, Massage, various styles of Yoga and meditation, Body training and Joyful Posture taught by Jean Pierre. She has also studied Alexander Technique, and continues her studies in California.

Tara offers classes in a private Studio in Santa Monica and is also available for speaking engagements. Further Information is available by calling (310) 396-1159 or e-mail ttarat@msn.com




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