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Patricia Rose Upczak

From Moment to Moment
by Patricia Rose Upczak

We live in a harmonious Universe. There is no point where God begins or ends. Our lives are intimately connected to Everything. So we are connected to our souls for eternity at all times. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin tells us that "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." If we look at soulful living from that perspective, then activities that we consider ordinary are actually soulful. Some of these activities could be: cooking a meal with love, cleaning a home, gardening, playing with children and animals, sewing, dancing, painting, writing, taking a nap, walking along the ocean, working hard, teaching, learning, making love, having babies, volunteering for an organization that needs help, watching old people, sitting at the bedside of a dying loved one, or anything that we do on a daily basis as a human being.

Synchronicity, Signs and Symbols by Patricia Rose Upczak

Now of course there are many levels of consciousness where soulfulness is concerned. Some of us have forgotten our connection to our spiritual nature. We believe the loud noises of the material world that surrounds us and stop listening to the whispers of the spirit. As I studied reiki and synchronicity over the last seventeen years I have become convinced that there are no accidents, no matter how it appears to our mortal eyes. My favorite definition of synchronicity comes from Frank Joseph, who stated "synchronicities are little miracles through which an otherwise Unseen Consciousness communicates with us. We may speak to the gods in prayer, but significant coincidence is the medium whereby they speak to us." Living soulfully is learning to live moment to moment, trusting that we are connected to a loving, powerful Creator. Being involved with reiki has helped me to strive to be in balance physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The very essence of reiki is balance. Of course this is an ongoing process that requires intention and attention. Striving to live an authentic and loving life is the very basis of soulful living. Throughout the ages mystics and great teachers have told us, "Energy follows thought. What you think about all day long is what you get in your life."

So, in order to live a consciously soulful life, one probably needs to tend to their soul and spiritual aspects on a daily basis. I believe that our inner world is developed through meditation, prayer and quiet time in Nature. For me, doing something creative on a daily basis is vital for my balance and spiritual life. Creativity is a broad category that covers writing, painting, gardening, singing, dancing, drawing, cooking, sewing, working with clay or any number of activities that help us connect to our spiritual essence. As we walk through the world we will encounter so many situations that help us develop compassion, non judgment, gratitude, kindness, faith, generosity, awe, forgiveness, trust, joy, patience and a sense of humor. It is really important not to take ourselves or our lives too seriously and learn to laugh and be joyful. One of the hardest qualities to develop is that of being non-judgmental. A Course In Miracles tells us that it is not wrong to judge, that it is not possible for us to judge anything because of our limited perceptions and perspectives. Non judgment goes hand in hand with developing a forgiving nature.

Reiki A Way of Life by Patricia Rose Upczak

We all need to practice forgiveness on our soulful path...forgiveness of others and forgiveness of ourselves. What comes out of this practice of forgiveness is a very important quality, or attitude, for soulful living, and that is compassion. We are all traveling through eternity together and we need to learn to deal with each other with compassion, love and understanding. I feel that these three qualities are the very basis of soulful living.

We are all living soulful lives, the question is more to what degree are we allowing our souls to help us on this plane as we travel together. As we learn to Trust God and our angels, we learn to "go with the flow" of life and live moment to moment with an attitude of gratitude, awe and joyfulness for all the gifts we have.

©Copyright 2002 Patricia Rose Upczak. All Rights Reserved. 

Patricia Rose Upczak
Patricia Rose Upczak is a Reiki Master, author and teacher. She worked in the public school system for over 25 years. She has been involved in the healing arts for almost 20 years. The insight she provides about truth and simple living could only come from a person with life experience, compassion and understanding. She is dedicated to helping others on this wonderful journey we call life. Patricia's latest book SYNCHRONICITY, SIGNS & SYMBOLS is available in bookstores, Amazon.com or through the Synchronicity Publishing website. She is also the author of REIKI A WAY OF LIFE, and STEVE. For more information,  visit her website, www.csd.net/~synchron.


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