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What's Your Number?TM
Winter 2010

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Conscious Breathing and Numerology

"Smile, breathe and go slowly.” --- Thich Nhat Hanh

Let's talk about working with Numerology and Conscious breath. Working with your breath can be tremendously integrating and healing. In general, Conscious breathing practitioners say that they have an overall feeling of well being, and that they feel that are better able to concentrate and handle stress. Of course, conscious breathing covers many different kinds of breathing techniques. I like what teacher and author Judith Kravitz has to say about the form of breath that she teaches, as she calls it “a spiritual self healing process.”

My focus isn’t on any particular technique, but rather on how to work with Numerology and Conscious breath as part of your own spiritual practice. We'll work with your Balance Number and the current Universal Year Number to determine how best to work with and utilize Conscious Breath as part of your own personal practice.

Your Balance Number can present you with guidance on how to effectively manage difficult, stressful or daunting circumstances. In light of the fact that we're working with Conscious breath, your Balance Number is important because many of us unconsciously change our breathing patterns when we are under stress. For instance, we may begin to breathe a lot more shallowly. Researchers and writers like Sharon Promislow, (Making the Brain Body Connection) report that, “The brain needs more oxygen under stress.” So, instead of getting caught up in stress, you can make different choices, with guidance from your Balance Number.

When under stress the clues provided by your Balance Number may help you to find a way to more quickly feel calmer and find peace of mind. Of course, we all experience different emotions or reactions to our personal challenges. But, if you know that stress causes you to become more isolated, then you may find that something as simple as calling a friend can help to alleviate some of your worries and to feel less alone. Just talking about how we feel often allows us to understand our reactions in a new light. Sometimes our reactions can be different than we might expect.

Your Balance Number may also help you to work with your reactions and find a workable path toward stabilization that is comfortable, safe and effective for you. Using it in conjunction with a regular breathing practice can help you to develop a better sense of yourself and your personal stress triggers. It's also important to recognize that during challenging or stressful times a good support network can help you to more easily work through your stress. This process is really about opening your heart, having gratitude and accepting who you are. Allowing room for supportive relationships is vitally important, because they can be an excellent way to keep healthy. Our friends and family may often be able to notice certain things that we don't see about ourselves. They can help us to more clearly see our own stress triggers.

As an example, let's look at someone with a Balance Number #2. When your Balance Number is #2 you can benefit most by learning to loosen up, keep a cool head, adapt, share and trust others. Having a Balance Number #2 may make you appear stubborn or rigid at times. Finding ways to accept the opinions and views of others can be part of your process that will allow you to be seen as more flexible, diplomatic and easy going. Then, incorporating a regular breathing practice can help you to work with your resistance. With enough practice you may even begin to be and feel less rigid. As time passes, others may then be drawn to you as you lighten your mood, become calmer and begin to settle into your body.

As you begin to practice Conscious breath you may begin to more clearly see the reactions and patterns of people around you. You may notice that others, especially those with no breathing practice, appear to be a little less grounded. And yet, their lives may actually appear to be okay. Sometimes the lives and choices of others can become a distraction for us. And it may become tempting to give up our practices, as they may seem unimportant. However, having the tools that can help you to relieve stress can be helpful, especially during times that are confusing, busy or hectic. Next year can be one of these times, although it can be filled with exciting opportunities.

Numerologically, 2010 is a #3 Universal Year. The Universal Year describes the general themes and influences for everyone in the current year. The theme of the #3 year generally revolves around socializing, change, growth, creativity and opportunity. Now, if you are more calm, patient and grounded then problems that present themselves can be easier to accept and deal with. Every year presents its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. How you navigate through them is up to you.

A #3 year has the potential for you to learn about abundance, joy and indulgence. This can take form in a variety of ways, including experiences through work, luxuries, gossip, relationships and food. As this year can provide an abundance of choices, you may occasionally feel like you have to be in multiple places at once. At times this may make it seem that it is almost impossible to do everything that you want to do. This year can be a good time to learn to prioritize and schedule your time more appropriately. Also, you may begin to have more value for your time and energy. Take care not to over commit and allow time and space for yourself.

This year can also bring more situations that involve passion, yearning and desire. You may need to be more aware of your true needs. Some of the events that transpire around you might have the capacity to nudge you toward a personal challenge or midlife crisis. Again, a support network to help you with your personal and spiritual needs. At times, feelings of isolation or loneliness may be triggered as it can seem like the rest of the world is busy and others have an active social life.

During the year it can be important to find ways to reinvigorate yourself and help to release tension in a healthy and conscious manner. In addition to your breath work, you might consider regular sessions with some form of body work, such as Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral therapy, or Therapeutic touch.

Be aware of:

  •  Wasting time and energy
  •  Your level of emotional expression 
  •  Your level of commitment
  •  Your need to fit in and belong
  •  Your need for connection
  •  Your words and communication
  •  Your sense of self worth

Paying attention to your needs, especially by working with your Balance Number, in conjunction with a practice of Conscious breathing can help you to work with difficult emotions, tension and trauma in ways that are both freeing and deeply healing. Part of your work is recognizing the true value and importance of acknowledging your emotions. You may also need to find other ways of dealing with unresolved feelings and events. 

Continuing to practice your breathing might appear to be challenging at first. However, your rewards may exceed your wildest expectations. You may find that you're somehow better able to deal with your challenges. You can find the greatest benefit by learning to take action and deal with obstacles as they appear in your life. The information that Your Balance Number provides can be invaluable guides in your process.


Balance Number: http://community.soulfulliving.com/groups/forum/posts/id_297/

Copyright © 2010 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 


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