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Your Loving Intention
by Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.

Intention is where it all begins. Intention is stronger than will because it can be set into action instantly. Even if your will was crushed at an early age, your intention will give you strength. It is through loving intention that loving choices are made and devotion expressed. Without loving intention, change does not occur. First and foremost, you must know that you have the power of love in your heart. When you do, intention will provide the follow-through. The benefits that will accrue to your relationships are extraordinary. Intention is what ends disputes and breaks down the walls of fear, mistrust and misunderstanding that separate individuals, groups, and nations. Intention is the tool with which our hearts dig down to places where the walls are thick with confusion and pain. Intention is as basic to lasting relationships as the earth is to the tree that grows from it.

Heaven within is depended on the food of your intention, which is driven by your power. Always use power for your own growth. Others will feel its ripple and grow with you. Use intention to direct your power and allow it to lead you to the next chapter of life.

Loving intention --- the active, positive use of our heartís energy Ė always leads to resolution.

The good upon which you place your attention grows stronger and leads to resolution. You speed up your spiritual growth when you put loving intention before all other concerns. When you focus here you find purpose.

Often, the emptiness that we feel inside is directly related to lack of direction and purpose in our lives. If we supply the intention to love, suddenly our purpose becomes clear. We have a place to go!

All of the great spiritual teachers show us that loving intention is the key to unlocking and using the full powers of the heart. It never fails to open a door. You will be loved back when loving intention guides your actions. You multiply the gifts of the heart by one-hundred every time you operate from this potent position. Instead of a loss of physical energy, which is what many women feel when they are put down, dumped on, or attacked in some way, you experience an increase in both emotional and physical energy when you direct negative force away from you and focus your intention to love and heal on the source of negativity. While it may feel like a leap in the dark, what have you got to lose but a moment in the unknown?

The Power of Caring

The Caring heart is more powerful than any physical force on earth. Scientific studies have proven that open, loving behaviors not only reduce stress in the individual who does the loving, but in those who receive the love. Your love has bioenergetic energy. It projects a magnetic charge, creating a positive field around the person to whom you direct it.

The following two-step technique reveals the power in the caring heart. Go through the process once using only your imagination. Then, implement the process when you are in a difficult situation with your partner.

Step 1: Imagine that your partner is angry and acting in a hostile and fearful way. Perhaps he is lashing out at you verbally or sending you raging vibrations through his behavior. The goal is to protect yourself from this aggressive energy, at the same time staying open and loving.

Directly in front of your heart, imagine a flowing river that takes all of the anger away. You must be patient and wait as the rage quiets down and negative emotions are spent. As you wait, remain focused on the river protecting your heart. Donít move up to your mind and try to make sense of what is being thrown your way. The information is coming from his wounded heart and can only hurt your heart if you try to explain it. Rational interpretations wonít work, so just remain inside of your loving heart and allow the negative attacks to flow away from you.

Step 2: When all is calm, imagine that your heart has eyes and can see all the way into the soul that hides beneath his anger. Underneath all of the pain and rage is the tender, caring person you fell in love with. The attack has defused his energy, and you are able to look deeply. An old image of love shared between the two of you may float across your visual screen. Keep your seeing heart focused on his. Send him a psychic message of love that reaches him at his core. Trust that this is happening and remain focused. The power your have within your heart is beyond imagination, but imagination is needed to build your belief in that power. When you place your attention on your heartís power, rather than feeling defeated and running away emotionally, your love causes changes and growth to occur in you and in your partner. All that you dream of having comes to your through the power of your caring heart.

Remember, it is very important to imagine this experience from beginning to end before actually trying it. Mental rehearsal will give you the confidence you need when you are challenged to use the process in real life.

This process can have profound effects on you, too, leading to a more efficient use of your power. Dramatic and subtle changes occur with repeated use of this technique on your love partner.

Heart Prayer: His pain, anger, and aggression belong to him. My heartís energy is best spent in compassion, which allows me to see beyond his hurt into his soul.

© Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.  Excerpted from "What Happened to the Prince I Married: Spiritual Healing for Wounded Love"  Aslan Publishing 1999.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. has been a practicing counselor since 1979.  She is also a health educator, writer, seminar leader and author of numerous best-selling health audio programs. She is the co-author of "LIFEMATES, The Love Fitness Program For A Lasting Relationship," and author of "What Happened to the Prince I Married: Spiritual Healing for Wounded Love."

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