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Listening to Your Body
by Jennifer Baltz

The Body-Spirit Relationship

The part of you that is Spirit can create faster than it takes to blink. In the spiritual realm, a single thought can manifest a whole new world instantly. Needless to say, changes here on earth usually happen at a much slower level. We have chosen to incarnate into physical bodies because they allow us to grow and experience things on a much slower, deeper and more sustained level than we can as ethereal beings. Because manifesting a thought here on Earth has real physical consequences, we are able to learn and grow from our experiences.

Your relationship with your body is really the key to that growth and experience. It is the foundation for all of your creations and your relationships with other people. Without your bodyís full cooperation and trust, you cannot create what you want in life. When you do not treat your body well, when you donít listen to what it needs, when you abuse or neglect it, you cannot create a full and balanced life because your primary relationship isnít working. The only way to gain that cooperation is to take good care of your body and learn to listen to what it needs. When you have that cooperation and communication between body and spirit, you will create a more balanced, happy and loving life.

And yet, most of us donít really stop to take the time to listen to our bodies. We donít get enough sleep, donít eat healthy, donít exercise, and most of all, we donít listen when our bodies start to complain. This creates a tremendous amount of stress and it makes life much more difficult because it means we are not "in sync" with our bodies. Our lives, loves, and creations tend to suffer tremendously because spirit and body are not creating together. Hereís what happens:

Energy Follows Attention

When you put your attention on something, you will literally "go there" as a spirit. So if you are at home and thinking about work, a part of your spiritual essence actually goes into whatever project or place you are thinking about. If you are worried about your child at school, a piece of you goes with her that day. If you had an incomplete conversation or argument with someone, part of you will also go there to try and make things right. You may have your attention and energy out in the future on something you have not yet created. Or, it may be stuck in the past, reliving a conversation or a situation. The key to remember is that your energy can get scattered among all of the things, projects, and people in your life.

But your body exists only in the present moment. It is not out in the future, or in the pastóit is right where you left it, in the here and now. It needs your attention and energy to function properly. And how well you function in the here and nowóhow you create your life moment by momentódepends largely on how well you can keep your attention focused in the present moment, with your body.

It is natural to have your attention and energy in several places at once. But it can be dangerous if you donít have at least some of it in the here and now. I was out shopping the other day and was nearly hit by a woman in a big hurry. She drove through a stop sign in the parking lot at high speed. Her attention and a big piece of her life energy were already at her destinationóin other words, she was running way ahead of herself. Body and spirit were not creating on the same page. She didnít see my car until she sailed through the intersection. It was lucky for both of us that I saw her coming and realized she "wasnít home." Eyes wide with shock, she mouthed "Iím sorry" . . . and kept going, still at speed, without taking the time to pause and reconnect with herself.

Checking In

Most of us tend to speed through life every day, and like the lady in a hurry, we often donít stop to pay attention. It is totally natural to have your attention and your energy out doing multiple things at once. . . and fairly near impossible to stay fully in one place at a time as a spirit. But stopping to check in every so often helps you become aware of where your attention is focused, and what is going on around and within you. You become more conscious of your body and what it needs, and able to re-focus and get things done in an easier, safer, and less stressful way. Had that hasty driver paused for a moment before she pulled out of her parking space, to take a deep breath and bring her attention back where it belonged, she probably would not have run through that stop sign.

When you stop and take a moment to get your bearings, you bring body and spirit together in sync with each other. As a spirit, you come in for a landing and bring your attention to focus right where you are in the moment. Try it now.

As you read this, stop and take a moment to check in with your body. Notice how you are sitting in your chair. Notice whether any part of your body hurts or is uncomfortable. How are you breathing right now? What are your emotions telling you right now? How do you feel? Just take a few moments to stop and notice these things.

Now that you are paying attention, notice if there is something small that you can do to make your body more comfortable. Maybe your body is thirsty and needs a glass of water. Maybe you have been sitting in front of your computer too long and need to get up and walk around, or to stretch. Or maybe it is time to get something to eat, or to get some sleep. Just notice what comes up for you. Stop to do it now. This article will wait until you are ready to continue.

This process of checking in many times during the day is essential if you want to create your dream life in a balanced way. It helps you to know yourself better, to make your actions more conscious and coordinated between body and spirit. In effect, it re-sets your energy and your attention, so that you can create in a much more focused, conscious way. I find that it also helps me decide what to do next and to plan my actions so they are more efficient, feel better, and waste less time spinning my wheels. I just ask "What do I need to do next?" and let my intuition guide me.

Intuition is really a communication process. You might say that it comes about through that inner dialogue between body and spirit. Body intuition is emotional. It is based on feeling. Spiritual intuition is based more on seeing, or just knowing that something is true. Both kinds of intuition happen when body and spirit are working together in good communication.

Often, we ignore our body intuitions, our feelings, because we donít want to change. When you hate going to work, day after day, it means that something about it does not work for you. It may be the actual work itself, the hours, or the environment, or the people, or it may be that you are not taking enough of your free time just for you. Something is out of balance. We often ignore those feelings or try to push past them rather than to acknowledge that something needs to change. Good self-care means that you need to pay attention to those feelings and do something about them. There is always a way to adjust your life to bring it more into balance. It may require a big change, or just a series of small ones. Ignoring it now means that you will create progressively more and more pain for yourself until the problem is too large to ignore. Then a larger change is usually required. Paying attention to problems before they get big creates much less trauma in your life than shoving your feelings under the rug.

Try checking in with your body as often as you can during the day. The more often and consistently you do it, the better the communication between body and soul, and the easier it becomes to create a balanced life.

Copyright © 2001 Jennifer Baltz.  All Rights Reserved. 

Jennifer Baltz is a business and life coach and creative mentor with over 18 years experience helping people consciously create their dreams. She offers individual coaching, classes, seminars, and mastermind groups to help you create change in your life, from personal and creative growth to small business development. Visit Jennifer's website for more information,
www.creativespirit.com, or follow Jennifer on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jenbaltz

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