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Anna Coy

Learning How to Breathe
by Anna Coy

Learning How to Breathe Will Change Your Life. It is the key to abundant energy, peace and wholeness. If you are not breathing fully and deeply then you are missing out on the fullness of life.

I got into breath work as an act of sheer desperation and it dramatically changed my life. I was terribly sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I had been dealing with on and off for nearly seventeen years. I also had severe allergies, asthma, Candida and my nose was completely clogged with polyps. I could not breathe at all through my nose and then with asthma on top of that, it was a fight just to get air into my body. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get better and no one had any answers for me.

I attended a TransformBreathing™ workshop and learned I was barely breathing and barely living.

I had three private breathing sessions with a trained facilitator, which opened my body to breathing deeper than ever. I felt better immediately. I found a part of myself that had been lying dormant for a very long time. I knew then, that could get through the suffering and take my life back.

After three weeks of practicing this technique on my own, my tight jaw relaxed and the tension in that area was gone. In three months my asthma disappeared and after two years of practicing breath work my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was completely gone.

How is your breathing? Take this test. For a moment, close your eyes and feel your body breathe. How do you breathe? Is your breath shallow and tense, coming from the chest instead of the belly? Do you feel like you can't catch your breath? Where do you feel movement happening when you breathe? What area of your torso doesn't move when you breathe?

How you breathe determines the amount of energy you have and how you enjoy life. You use energy emotionally, mentally, and intuitively. Dealing with stress, anger, depression, trauma, and illness require large amounts of energy. When you experience these things your body looses energy, your oxygen supply is depleted and you wind up feeling low and unmotivated.

The average person inhales about 2,500 gallons of air each day during 20,000 to 26,000 breaths, at the rate of 15 to18 inhales per minute. This rate, which is considered "normal," is actually too fast. This high rate is, in fact, hyperventilation and perpetuates your loss of energy. By deepening and expanding your breathing, you slow the rate of aging and increase your energy.

Shallow breathing, from the chest, takes about 20 percent more energy than breathing from the diaphragm. Since most of us are shallow, chest breathers, we constantly "weigh down" the breathing processes draining our energy. This makes the body vulnerable to the negative effects of stress, and underscores illness and disease. Shallow breathing wears us out.

Imagine feeling energetic all day. How much more could you accomplish? How much more quality time could you have with family and friends if you had the energy? How would it feel to really live without emotional fears and a depleted energy reserve? What if it is as easy as changing how you breathe?

Breathing is an involuntary process that can be voluntarily controlled. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, deep, focused breathing heals and balances emotions and even promotes meditative states, which help you relax and rise above the pressures of the moment to achieve both calm and clarity.

The act of choosing to breathe effectively can dramatically improve your vital life force and your awareness of living in the present. The best way to change the bodies programmed chemical responses and emotional reactions is to use breathing as a tool for staying relaxed.

Breathing can be like an exercise, providing many of the same benefits without undue strain on muscles, joints, and ligaments. How you breathe effects your lung capacity, cardiovascular system, immune system, circulation, digestion, and elimination. Effective breathing allows you to take control over your own health and state-of-mind. You will feel instantaneous results.

Deep breathing stimulates and massages the internal organs, tones the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. When the lungs absorb an abundance of oxygen, the organs are revitalized and cleansed. When you exhale, 70 percent of your body's toxins are released, which explains why deep breathing is a powerful and natural detoxifier!

What happens when the body is slowly deprived of oxygen each day? Likely symptoms would include, fatigue, anxiety, cold hands and feet, coffee or sugar addiction (stimulants), obesity, irritability, poor concentration, or memory loss and the list goes on. Quite simply, the body breaks down from lack of oxygen. Deeper, fuller breathing moves energy in and toxins out.

Take this easy action step to make fuller, deeper breathing, a part of your life:

Lay down comfortably and put your hands on your lower abdomen. Place one finger on your pubic bone and another on your navel. Inhale and gently expand your lower abdomen. Notice if your hands rise and fall during inhalation and exhalation. If you practice this daily for a few minutes, relaxing your body and breathing toward your hands, you are on you way to deeper diaphragmatic breathing and improved health. Life is worth every breath.

Copyright © 2002 by Anna Coy. All Rights Reserved. 

Anna Coy
Anna Coy is a Certified TransformBreathing™ Trainer in Los Angeles CA. She has created a step-by-step program teaching people how to gently expand their bodies from the tailbone area up into their sinuses. It is called the Whole-Body Breathing™ Series, and is a set of four voice guided breath sessions on CD or Tape. Each guided session includes intention, visualization and imagery. All are set to relaxing music also by Coy and every session comes with a bonus track of meditation music. The series includes Relax and Breathe, Breathe for Healing, Breathe a Loving Heart and Breathe Your Spirit. For more information or to order the Whole-Body Breathing™ Series, visit www.heartofbreathing.com or call 310-473-2225 (or 310-826-3993). Contributing information Dr. Caron Goode, Managing Director of the International Breath Institute www.transformbreathing.com.

Relax and Breathe CD by Anna Coy


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