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Kay Nuyens

Living Soulfully
by Kay Nuyens

Soulful living means being in touch with the essence of who I am, my unlimited self, recognizing my own Divine nature. In this space there is no fear or judgment, only love. There is a peacefulness and knowingness that reside in my heart, and I feel totally safe. When I am not in this space, I know that the ego has taken over and I'm in trouble! The world is so challenging. Fears, judgments, limitations and lack are rampant.

My two keywords for soulful living are "trust and surrender." I have to let go and let God, and it isn't always easy to get ME out of my own way! It is still a challenge for me to know how much effort I need to put forth, and how much I just need to allow things to happen. When I am in the flow, things happen without my effort. Synchronicity occurs.

A few years ago I purchased a device that I can set to go off automatically in my pocket.

I choose to set it for every eleven minutes. At that time, I feel a little vibration alerting me to be grateful and be in the present moment. My recent affirmation is, "I am the happiness I am seeking." It was a significant realization when I really understood that nothing outside myself could take away my peace of mind. It's always my choice. What powerful beings we are! We are in charge of our own dream, and I choose to let go of the nightmares! I want to be in the fullness of who I am so I bring myself back to the present. Everything is perfect in the present moment when I take the time to feel and acknowledge my God-connection.

I know that I am already what I am seeking; it is not outside of me. But sometimes I forget and look to the world for happiness and affirmation. It is my life's work to let go of my perceived limitations, moving into my unlimitedness, my greatness. When my mind is quiet from my own inner critic, I am free. This is my true nature, letting go of my feeling of separation from Source. I am home. This is soulful living.

©Copyright 2002 Kay Nuyens. All Rights Reserved. 

Invitation to Greatness Workbook by Kay Nuyens

Kay Nuyens
Kay Nuyens spent twenty-five years teaching and counseling in the public schools before buying early retirement in 1998. She has manifested a new, more joyful and fulfilling life for herself. She is now a certified clinical hypnotherapist, author, speaker, teacher and a certified JOY Practitioner, assisting struggling students to feel successful. Her goal is to empower people to find their inner connection, healing issues through awareness, compassion and the power of love. Kay offers private sessions, personal growth classes and workshops.

Her new book, "Invitation to Greatness" is a workbook for personal growth. It contains a treasure trove of exercises for inner reflection, self-expression, clearing blocks and creating new patterns. It is a personal journey to discover your inner healer, your own loving essence. Learn specific healing techniques to gain emotional freedom and peace of mind. Discover how YOU can create a successful life script! (www.changingfocus.net)

If you are interested in purchasing the MotivAider®, the device Kay Nuyens uses to automatically alert herself, send Kay an email.

Visit Kay at Her Website:




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