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Jeff Hutner

Practical Dreamers
by Jeff Hutner

For me, Soulful Living has become an experience rather than an idea. For many years I lived a half life. One part of me was the businessman, deal-maker, stock promoter and the other was a highly creative soul with musical aspirations and a love of film.

I remember a day when I had developed a pinched nerve and couldn't sleep for more than an hour a night for four months from the intense pain. I asked my pain why it was there and the answer I received was both simple and powerful.

My inner voice said, "I am the pain of the separation of who you are and who you are pretending to be." That rang true and as I reflected on those words, I thought and still believe that that's the pain of the world. I have come to feel that the majority of our problems stem from the pain of not living our unique soul's calling. And, when we turn away from that deep voice, we suffer physical pain, emotional pain and spiritual pain which can manifest as anger at others or depression.

Two days before 9-11, my mother passed on, a victim of three forms of cancer she didn't know she had six weeks before-another subject which I could write about but won't. That same voice told me to get up out of my chair, buy a camera, take a video production class and hit the road. In 1994, I had published New Paradigm Digest, a solutions-based, interdisciplinary, quarterly journal that focused on emerging culture. Many of my 600 subscribers told me it was the most uplifting publication they had ever read and that they discovered people they never would have known about any other way. Some actually connected with the people I wrote about.

I did listen to the voice of my soul and purchased the camera, took the class and left on July 28th for a tour of the US taping interviews for a documentary on Practical Dreamers. It has been the most wonderful undertaking of my life and I have never been happier.

This I believe, is the test of whether you are living your soul's calling or postponing it and I now know that there is simply nothing more powerful or critical at this moment in time than discovering and following your bliss as Joseph Campbell would say.

If we are to change this world so that it works for the many rather than the few, radical evolutionary shifts must occur and as I found out on this journey around the US, they are happening through people from many cultures, age groups and walks of life who have placed their intelligence, creativity and compassion in the service of life.

I am hopeful that by connecting the dots of the evolutionary field of consciousness that viewers of the documentary and readers of the book may come to know a more hopeful world than the one we find ourselves living in today. Indeed, there are solutions to almost every human problem but they are underreported.

So as my role as the Cosmic Connector calls for, I am attempting to connect the dots and will discover the impact of this project along with everyone else once the editing is complete. I have been offered the use of a friends home and editing suite in New Zealand and will leave early in the new year.

I hope you'll check in at my site to discover the amazing people I interviewed. Their names and a bit about their work along with a hot link to their website will be posted soon.

My wish is that we all live our dreams, listen to that voice inside us that knows what we must do to serve in our own unique way and recreate the world in a way that works for everyone with as little damage to the environment as possible.

I want to live in that world and I want my son to live in that world and I know that the only way it will manifest is if I and you live a life based in love rather than fear. This is soulful living for me.

© Copyright Jeff Hutner 2002.  All Rights Reserved.

Jeff Hutner
Jeff Hutner is an Ojai, California based evolutionary business writer and consultant, master networker, musician, and the founding editor of New Paradigm Digest, a window on emerging culture. He is currently completing two books, one on living in the moment from which these quotes are taken and a second of evolutionary wisdom for business. In April, he will embark on a trip around the US to conduct video interviews with "Practical Visionaries" from many disciplines. Email:


Visit Jeff Hutner at:



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