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Intuition: The Deepest Wisdom of the Soul
by Marcia Emery, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, we have to face difficulties in order to fully develop. In his book Natural Health, Natural Medicine he writes, "Just as muscles become stronger and bigger when they work against resistance, so our minds and spirits enlarge by meeting the difficulties life presents." The intuitive mind helps you cope with challenges by expanding your vision so you can see the big picture. You might be like the many people I know who easily succumb to despair and depression when extremely stressful situations arise. When a challenge is first presented or reaches unmanageable proportions, you might be so focused on the distress that you forget to access your faith-filled nature. Even in the middle of a crisis, that indefatigable guide known as the inner physician will surface to show you how strong and wise you really are. Through the inner physician, you draw upon your spiritual reserves to create an atmosphere of hope and attract the right people, work, ideas, and whatever else you need. In my recent book, The Intuitive Healer I highlight this inner physician or intuitive mind, who alerts me to any impending health crisis. If I get into hot water and feel incapacitated because I have a body ache, an upset stomach, or even a heavy dose of the blues, this special pal reaches into the healing pouch or inner pharmacy and hands me the perfect remedy. My inner physician is also known as my inner healer, higher self, higher consciousness, creative mind, or God-like energy within.

Intuition is the deepest wisdom of your soul. Do you know how your intuitive voice speaks to you? I loosely use the word "voice" realizing that for many it can also come as a sound, word, picture, inner prompting, or insight. Have you discovered that you must be quiet or still to hear the intuitive voice which can get lost in the hustle and confusion of life? Intuition is the highly popularized theological "still small voice of God" or "Holy Spirit" speaking. Intuition is "knowing" that comes from the spirit within. Intuition is light and inspiration which lifts you up in consciousness and guides you in your choice of that which is right and good. Intuition can manifest as an idea, impression, inspiration, feeling, or sense of well-being. Intuition is the indwelling spirit of God seeking to "voice" itself through you by speaking in tones of love, wisdom, faith, life, and power. This intuitive mind or spirit clearly reveals the higher wisdom or deeper intelligence to your consciousness, bringing new truths and creative insights. In troublesome situations when we question "why me?" or "why this unpleasant situation?" it helps to know that the intuitive mind or spirit within will reveal what it is you need to learn through this experience.

I believe in the words of David Pomeranz’s song, "It’s in everyone of us to be wise. We can all know everything without ever knowing why." We can all access this infinite storehouse of wisdom. Carl Sandburg said, "Nothing happens unless first a dream." Intuition provides you with the strength and wisdom to follow your dreams. Now, you are learning how to trust and rely on this inner colleague.

One of the best ways to establish a practice for attuning to your higher self to receive spiritual guidance from the inner physician is to say an affirmation every day. A guiding affirmation that I use is "I allow my still, small spiritual voice within me to guide my judgment in all situations." I suggest that you formulate an affirmation that will help you become attuned to your higher self when you seek spiritual guidance from the inner physician.

Using your intuition to tap into your spiritual roots is essential when that dispirited sense creates stress and makes you feel like you have nothing to live for. Or, for the times when you lapse into a "why bother" attitude because you will always confront failure. Or, even to help you realize that the down times you experience are but a brief ripple upon the sea of life. By strengthening your spiritual beliefs, you will realize that it takes rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

I have a wonderful collection of spiritual reminders that bring me back on course. For example, I always remember that I, like the moon, am cyclical; so when I am down, I will always come up. Practicing as a psychologist for the Revitalization Center in Nassau, Bahamas, I had many opportunities to give my clients analogies about the cyclical nature of life. I counseled people on coping with the heavy emotional baggage they were carrying around. I would ask them to look out my office window at the lush tropical scenery. Then I would remind them how the beautiful flowers and trees were created by tumultuous rains that came down suddenly and as quickly stopped. I likened any pain or disappointment in their life to heavy rain which was vitally needed to help them flower and blossom. Then, using another favorite analogy, I would remind them that character is forged on an anvil and not in an easy chair.

Recently, sitting in the quiet and stillness, I reached within and asked my pal, the inner physician, to characterize my present experiences. In response, I heard the phrase, "you are going up the down staircase." What a vivid perspective! For weeks, I had allowed some minor disappointments to effect me which had left me feeling glum, dispirited, discouraged, and viewing life through discordant eyes. Intuitively, I am now given a "thumbs up" sign. When I ask for a symbol to show me what is going on, a derailed railroad train being put back on track appears. Do you get the picture? I do! Having been derailed from my purpose, I am back on track and now moving forward again.

As the clouds lift and the sunshine comes back into my life, I am feeling quite excited by the vital words coming through me as I write this piece. Feeling totally centered, the good from every experience resonates and I look out at the world with eyes of love. Now my glass is half full and not half empty, and the sky is sunny rather than cloudy. We all go through these up and down cycles of life. Just as some people are more sensitive to the bumps from airplane turbulence, some people will feel the ripples of life more than others. The point to remember is that when you are down, you will come up. I am reminded of Kahlil Gibran’s comforting words from The Prophet. He writes about joy and sorrow by saying, "Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears....together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed." Hopefully when the next disappointment rolls into my life, I will be spiritually strengthened to ride the waves and remember that I will ultimately receive the glory and bounty from the universe. Knowing that I am going with the cyclical flow will keep me feeling upbeat and positive.

If you are going through a challenging time now, know that your inner resources will help you cope with any adversity. Your inner physician will show you how to surmount the most difficult obstacles and get back on the highway to bigger and better adventures. Imagine that you are hiking on a trail in the redwoods. You are carrying a heavy backpack containing lots of emotional baggage — past mistakes, guilts, disappointments, painful memories, and/or regrets. Connecting with your spiritual self will help you shed these burdens so you can continue on your way unencumbered. When I feel like a failure, I view these negative emotional experiences as a gift or learning experience which motivates me to change my course or try again in a different way. Then, I feel highly successful because I have learned something. The mistakes we make are necessary for learning. The wisest people are really the ones who have made the most mistakes and learned from them. This is how you convert any perceived failure into a success.

Take a moment to get in touch with what being successful means to you. Here is my take on success. You know that everything you do is good enough, even if only to keep you moving on to something better. Being successful can mean more than being at the top in the business field or in your professional circles. That rush of feeling successful can come from a genuine, heartfelt belief in and an understanding of your own sacredness. You can wholeheartedly put yourself into each endeavor and succeed at being the best you can be. For example, the rewards of giving something as valuable as love, understanding, and kindness to someone in need can leave you feeling good about yourself and most successful.

To believe that you can be highly successful is to spiritually acknowledge your potential to reach the heights. If you were watching a young downy swan that is learning to walk, would you be able to see past its stumbling, awkward appearance to what it will be one day? Can you see the graceful swan that will soon emerge as one of nature’s most beautiful creatures? When you are beginning your spiritual walk, you may appear awkward to others, and may even stumble about. But when the time comes that you are completely in tune with your spiritual nature, you will become as graceful and spectacular as that swan and be able to express love, success, and most importantly, feel peace.

Here's my "how to" advice to convert a downer into an upper.

  • How do you characteristically respond to the cyclical ups and downs of life?
  • Find a saying to remind you that when you are down you will come up. What is that reminder?
  • Next time you are down and want to come up, what else can you do to see the glass half full instead of half empty and the sky sunny and not cloudy?

Intuition as the deepest wisdom of the soul will help you reconnect with the spiritual part of yourself and inspire you to erase limiting beliefs and practices. By freeing yourself of these unhealthy habits, you will usher in the courage and strength to create a healthier mind and body as well as a happy heart. By sidestepping the temporary disappointments and setbacks, you will look at the bigger picture more easily and know that nothing can hold you back from successfully pursuing your dreams and goals.

Andrew Weil. 1989. Natural Health, Natural Medicine. New York: Bantam

Marcia Emery, 1999. The Intuitive Healer: New York: St. Martins Press.


Introducing the Author: MARCIA EMERY, Ph.D.

For Marcia Emery, Ph.D., psychologist, consultant, author, international lecturer, media personality, and college professor, intuition is a trusted old friend that's becoming a breakthrough management tool.

Dr. Emery first understood intuition's wealth in 1970 through a dream in which her car brakes failed. The car rolled over several times, but she got out unharmed. The intuitive warning implicit in the dream was ignored, yet three days later her car was totaled when the brakes did indeed fail. Since then, her extensive clinical, academic and business experience has yielded rare insights into intuition's extraordinary manifestations and its strength as a tool for facilitating personal and professional transformation.

In 1983, Marcia Emery's launched her "Power Hunch" seminars. Now highly acclaimed, they've been presented to scores of individuals from such organization as Lucent Technologies, Amway Corporation, Blue Care Network, General Motors, Donnelly Corporation, Herman Miller Co., Hewlett Packard, Butterworth Hospital, Michigan Employment Security Commission, and Steelcase. In nearly two decades, she has witnessed the business world move from a position of wariness to one of genuine welcome. And today, with cyber-acceleration having spawned its own brand of psychic whiplash, intuition is much sought after by business folk to mitigate their frenzy, facilitate decision-making and fuel creativity.

In 1984, Dr. Emery pioneered the first college course in whole brain thinking at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Entitled, Integrating Intuition and Logic for Managers, her students — Master of Management candidates from leading international corporations, government, and small business — became the first wave of decision makers formally trained in the new technique. Currently, Dr. Emery is a faculty member at JFK University in Orinda, California, the Kaiser Institute Program for Intuition, under the direction of Lee Kaiser, well-known visionary in the healthcare field and at the Holmes Institute's Graduate School of Consciousness Studies. Dr. Emery is also Education Director of the Intuition Network (IN) and serves on the advisory board of both the IN and Intuition Magazine.

As an expert on the workings of the intuitive mind, Dr. Emery's writings and public appearances have contributed greatly to the growing national interest in intuition. Her book, Dr. Marcia Emery's Intuition Workbook: An Expert's Guide To Unlocking the Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind (Prentice Hall,1994) was deemed "a classic in the field" and selected by three book clubs (Doubleday, Rodale and Newbridge). The Intuitive Healer: Accessing Your Inner Physician, includes a foreword by renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (St. Martins Press,1999) and Emery's third book, POWERHUNCH! is currently in progress. Other works include several auditotape series: Intuition: How To Use Your Gut Instinct for Greater Personal Power (Nightingale-Conant, 1995), Intuition (Simon & Schuster,1996), The Intuitive Healer (Simon & Schuster, 1999). An earlier series called Infinity (IMCC, 1991) includes Intuitive Problem Solving and Intuitive Dream Interpretation

Articles by Dr. Emery have appeared in United Airline in flight magazine, Hemispheres, Intuition Magazine, American Fitness, R & D Innovator, New Leaders Press, Creatia Magazine of Creativity, and Nursing Connections. She has been featured in USA Today and in Selling, Sir Speedy Newsletter, Family Circle, Woman’s World. Her TV appearances include Between The Lines, Healthy Living, CBS News in Sacramento, Alive and Wellness, The Other Side and Strange Universe.

A 1997 grant from the Life Science Foundation in Excelsior, Minnesota enabled Dr. Emery to establish a worldwide network of local intuition study groups under the moniker of INREACHING, and a previous grant, awarded in 1991, facilitated research on the use of intuition among more than 200 leading business executives. Among those interviewed were Former Hewlett Packard CEO Lew Platt, PowerBar Founder Brian Maxwell, author Leo Buscaglia, television producer Norman Lear, entrepreneur Debbie Fields of Mrs. Field Cookies, Amway co- founder Richard DeVos and Sixty Minutes producer Don Hewitt.

Marcia Emery lives in Berkeley, California with her husband and collaborator Jim, partner of 17 years. She can be reached at powerhunch@aol.com or at her office, 1502 Tenth Street, Berkeley, CA. 94710, 510/526-5510. Her website is www.PowerHunch.com




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