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Alice Anne

How Dreams Are Made
by Alice Anne Parker

I had a wonderful dream recently. I was surrounded by balls of different colors and sizes. Little green balls. Medium sized purple and yellow ones. Big red balls. Not far from me were hoops and targets and goals for the different sized balls. I thought, "gee, I'm not too good at this kind of thing. I'm not even sure I can tell which balls go where."

A team of brilliantly dressed Tibetan monks ran up, ready to play. As I threw the balls, they rushed gleefully around, moving the different goals to catch each ball perfectly, no matter where or how I tossed it. I was making shots from over my shoulder, with my eyes closed, whatever. All of my balls hit the right target.

I woke up exhilarated. The dream confirmed my belief that it's the right time for me to be getting all my balls in the air; what's more, a fabulous dream team was playing on my side.

A couple of weeks later I dreamed my husband and I had almost reached the top of the stairs. Suddenly, the dark woman raced up behind me and stabbed me in the back.

I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to stay in the dream, to call on my dream allies — I needed to get help. But I didn't. I panicked and woke up. The dark woman was too fast for me. I was as shaken and disturbed by the second dream as I had been reassured by the first one. The two dreams exactly and graphically presented my best and worst case scenarios.

Each of us comes into the world with a dream about what we came here to do, who we came here to be. We've each got a nightly message service that comments on how well we're doing with our plan —letting us know in no uncertain terms when we're off base, showing us what's scaring us and holding us back — and most wonderfully, letting us know when it's time to let all those balls fly.

The first dream gave me the green light; the second reminded me of some unprocessed fears needing my attention — if I wanted to benefit fully from the opportunity and help now available. I didn't waste any time. I gave that bad dream my full attention. In a self-healing meditation I found the chakra center where the dark woman of my fears lived and I brought her the loving kindness and understanding that she needed. She hasn't appeared in a dream since, but I believe she will. I'm eager for the next report on her condition. I think I'm ready for her.

It seems pretty simple, but in fact, that's how most of our dreams work. One says, here's the good news. Another reports on the bad news, and offers an opportunity to change it.

When I'm working with clients in my practice as a professional psychic, this is exactly how I function in offering guidance. Here's the good news. This is what you came to do, and here is how the universe plans to help you with your mission. Now here's the bad news — here are the outworn strategies and survival skills that limit your success. And finally, here are the tools you need to release the fears, sometimes a heritage of many generations, in order to fulfill your destiny.

For the last couple of years I've been developing a new technique* for working with dreams — based on a combination of Reiki self-healing, the practices of the Druid Healing Grove, and the Tibetan yogas of sleep and dreams. It's not as esoteric as it sounds. I believe anyone can easily master this tool after brief training. All it takes is the discipline to use the technique, particularly with those bad dreams that lay out the deepest fears we're all so eager to resolve.

Dream work doesn't need to be work. Your dreams will continue to give you nightly bulletins, some profoundly supportive and reassuring, some deeply arousing or challenging — until you get the message.

*Please see information on my website about dream and healing workshops if you are interested in learning this technique. www.aliceanneparker.com

Copyright © 2001 Alice Anne Parker.  All Rights Reserved. 

Alice Anne Parker, identified by Honolulu Magazine as Hawaii's best known psychic, is the author of the metaphysical adventure novel, The Last of the Dream People and of the best-selling, Understand Your Dreams, 3rd edition to be published in September of 2001. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and an award winning filmmaker, whose films have been honored at the Cannes Film Festival and at a one-person show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Alice Anne lives and dreams in Hau'ula, Hawaii with her husband, Henry Holthaus, where she offers residential dream workshops and Reiki Healing Intensives at her home, a former Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center. Her website is www.aliceanneparker.com





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