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Bruce D. Schneider

Healing From the Inside Out
by Bruce D. Schneider, Ph. D.

There is a consciousness movement around the world that reflects an advancement in human evolution – a growing recognition, or, more rightly, a remembrance that we are spiritual beings first, and in physical form, second. Many have surged past the limiting belief in body and mind alone, forging into the reality that we are much more than who or what we seem. This is the foundation for true healing; realizing that wholeness means acknowledging, accepting, and living a fully connected life in body, mind, and spirit.

Perhaps most receptive to this movement are baby boomers, who are reaching the age of life reflection. This group, numbering in the millions, are experiencing the new millennium with both trepidation and excitement, as if to say, "OK, we're here, now what?" This question welcomes the possibility of enlightenment, or, the meaning of life. With the combination of masses of people seeking answers and the natural developmental course of human consciousness, we are experiencing the birth of a massive spiritual awakening and healing, or to put it another way, a movement that will not except less than the long-sought integration of body, mind, and spirit.

As a life coach, this awakening is bringing a growing number of clients to me interested in developing and working toward spiritual wholeness. It seems more and more are looking for true healing to occur within, and to take that sense of wholeness with them into their everyday lives. And I’ve noticed something that I haven’t seen much of before. So many of these conscious people are demonstrating more of who they really are in the "outside" world. They are openly and whole-heartedly living their truth, sharing their feelings, dreams, hopes and visions. Different from the past, it seems that when one now feels that powerful spiritual connection to everything and everyone, they aren’t afraid to come "out-of-the-spiritual-closet" or, walk the talk, so to say.

Session after session, it becomes apparent that these clients are responding to a common inner voice whispering a message of a spiritual reality. They are listening to this voice and they are ready. Ready to remember who they really are and why they're here. Ready to experience life in a more conscious way. Ready to address and conquer their challenges and live their dreams, by connecting with their inner purpose and by taking action to express this feeling to whatever goals and tasks they may have. And most optimistically, the seekers are ready to accept that they are the ones responsible for effecting this welcome change. By learning practical spiritual principles and techniques (see the Life-Wheel exercise below) that can create and maintain a long desired sense of balance in their lives as well as develop a personal connection to the Universal Energy, more and more people are beginning to heal from the "inside out." They are finding wholeness. And to many, this is simply to remember that they are already whole.

There are so many reasons for people seeking help these days, and seekers aren’t limited to those with problems. I've been consistently excited and enthralled by clients whose sole given reason for desiring coaching is simply a desire for more knowledge, direction, and support. For them, hearing someone acknowledge and confirm their recognition of the "inner call" provides inspiration and motivation. This frees them from self-doubt and fear, and helps create the best scenario for getting answers and the results they are looking for.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing is – more and more people are getting their answers and getting the results they want! They are remembering their purpose in this life, remembering how to create balance, peace, abundance, and happiness, remembering how to relax and enjoy life’s ride, and literally, re-membering their individual selves as part of a powerful and loving spiritual family.

Exercise: The Life Wheel

Purpose: To gain a sense of what areas in one’s life are out of balance and to create awareness of where you are today, to decide where you would like to be.


  1. Draw a circle and separate in into 8 "slices."
  2. In each one of the areas, draw a scale of 1-10 from the inner part of the circle to the outer rim. (1 represents no satisfaction and 10 total satisfaction.)
  3. Label each section with one of the following: Personal Development, Spiritual Awareness, Personal Finance, Intimate and social relationships, Career/professional development, family, and Fun & Enjoyment.
  4. In each section, circle the number that corresponds to your current level of satisfaction in that area. (If you have no money but are very happy about it, your level of satisfaction in the Personal Finance area will be high.)
  5. Connect the numbers you circled.
  6. Now look carefully and note how balanced your life is. Figure out strategies to "heal" each of the areas that are low, and to make your connections look more like a wheel.

© Copyright 2001 Bruce D Schneider, Ph. D.

Bruce D Schneider, Ph.D., MCC is a Master Certified Coach, licensed psychotherapist, Reiki Master, and founder and director of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (www.IPECcoaching.com).




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