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Robin Silverman

Hallelujah! Your Wish is Granted
by Robin L. Silverman

When you were little, you probably made a lot of wishes. So did I. Unfortunately, it always seemed to be a hit-or-miss proposition: sometimes they came true, but often, they didn't. So when I became an adult, I decided to see if there wasn't a way to smooth out the process and make it more reliable. By reading and experimenting with a combination of spiritual and scientific practices, I found that there are a few "secrets" that may be of use to you now.

The Ten Gifts by Robin Silverman

Since it's easy to learn from stories, I'll share one that happened recently. I had a man ask me how he could manifest or attract $25,000 a month.

"So what you're saying is that right now, you don't have $25,000 a month," I said.

"That's right. I don't have it."

"But you want it."

"Definitely! I want it more than anything."

I pointed out two "flaws" in his wish-making process. By affirming that he doesn't have the money, he is reinforcing both a mind-set and a sub-atomic vibration that creates an energy barrier to ever getting it. And by saying that he "wants" the money, he is reinforcing the condition of want. So I continued:

"As I understand it then, in this moment you don't have $25,000, but you hope to get it sometime in the future, yes?"

"Sometime soon, please. I need it right away."

Again, he was making it clear that he was thinking, experiencing and believing in poverty, and that he has tremendous need. Both are guaranteed wish-breakers, at least when it comes to manifesting money or wealth.

So I taught him a simple trick: "All you need is a single word to make your wish come true."

"What? What?" he demanded.


"Hallelujah!" is the ultimate conscious creative word. It's as layered with meaning as ancient rock. On the surface, there is unbounded happiness. Along with it comes a joyous noise, the kind that wakes us up and says "Yes! This is exactly what I wanted!" Hallelujah is the word we use when we want to praise something glorious. It's our rescue word, the one that expresses release and relief after terrible torment. It's also the one that makes our wishes come true.

But before we can use it, we need to get a better handle on what we are creating with our wishes and why we want our visualizations to come true. In my book, The Ten Gifts, there are ten questions in the chapter on the gift of Dreams that help clarify our desires so we know that manifesting them will help create greater good for everyone. The problem most people have with desires is that they choose things that simply provide temporary relief from some kind of pain they are experiencing. There is no sense of surrender, of trading a smaller definition of ourselves for something finer, more peaceful and more universal. For in the end, if something only benefits you, you will have to defend and protect it, thus building walls not only against others, but against the forces of love and assistance that surround us and help us grow.

So before you start wishing or visualizing, ask yourself these questions:

1) What would make me happy?
2) Why do I believe this makes me happy?
3) Why is this important to me now?
4) Who am I if I have this?
5) How do I act towards others when I have this?
6) How will other people benefit from this?
7) Who else do I know who has this (or a variation of it)?
8) Whom do I accept, forgive or love as a result of my having this?
9) When do I want this to happen?
10) Where do I end up as a result?

The answers to these questions provide several key pieces in the manifestation process. First, they reduce or eliminate our fear of change because we can see what is likely to happen to us and those around us. Second, they strengthen our belief that the result we desire is possible, and beliefs always over-ride thoughts when it comes to receiving or repelling what we want. And third, they help us see that it is impossible for us to create anything in a vacuum. Whatever we want must be good not only for us, but for others. For after we die, supposedly the only question we are asked is, "What did you learn about love?"

Once we are perfectly clear, we can create what we want either through wishing, visualization, or both. Wishing is really only a short visualization, so I like to start with a wish and then expand it into a full mental scene where I fully experience what I want with all six of my senses—sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and intuition. Visualization actually allows us to have something right away. No waiting or wanting. Since our bodies do not know the difference between something we are merely thinking about and an "actual" experience, visualization is important to help us get comfortable with having what we want. Right here, right now, we can experience the pleasure and peace of something that is good and right. If your mind tends to drift when you sit to visualize, you might want to create a cassette, CD or journal with your dream coming true in the present. In "The Ten Gifts," I give full instructions on how to create such a personal tool, and share the story of a woman who manifested a brave new life for herself in only 30 days.

Then it's "Hallelujah!" time. Simply look around to see evidence of what you have already created on the quantum plane moving into the world of your experience. Just as visualization is "here and now" for the mind and spirit, "Hallelujah!" is the "here and now" practice for the physical plane. For the man who wants the $25,000, I suggested he look around for people who have and are spending that kind of money. Instead of feeling jealous, he should say out loud, "Hallelujah! There's another one!" Although initially he may think, "Why them and not me?" it won't be long before he's feeling, "Lots of people have this, so why NOT me?" Another benefit of this process is that the man is reading, watching and learning about how those with abundant money live, and is sure to discover what he needs to know about spending, saving and paying taxes at a higher level of income. Note: thinking the word "Hallelujah!" is not as powerful as saying it, as we only believe what we hear "from the horse's mouth."

Something Wonderful is About to Happen by Robin Silverman

If the man has difficulty blessing others with praise, he should start with simpler things: the hundreds of thousands of visible stars in the sky; the millions of grains of sand on a beach; the billions of snowflakes that blanket a region during a storm. Over time, he will come to know that life exists in abundance everywhere, all the time. By appreciating and being thankful for unlimited natural wealth, he can relax and enjoy the idea that there is no need or lack in the universe.

That's the final clue: the man should say "Hallelujah!" for every new dollar, job or opportunity that comes his way. Although it is indeed possible for him to go from very little to $25,000 a month, he probably doesn't believe that can happen. "Hallelujah! Here's another piece of my wish coming true" makes him more magnetic to what he wants so it can enter his life slowly but surely.

The secret is in the focus. If our attention is on the lack of what we want, we create more lack. If the attention is on enjoying everything we receive, we get even more than what we bargain for. Wish or visualization, it's all done right here, right now. Focus on this moment, because a heart trapped in tomorrow creates a brick wall that today cannot penetrate.

So let your heart speak. Then listen with your eyes. Your wish is granted.

© Copyright Robin L. Silverman. 2001. 

Robin L.Silverman is an author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in human potential.

She is the founder of CreativisionsTM workshops and lectures, which have taught thousands of men, women and students how to eliminate problems and achieve more satisfaction and personal peace both on and off the job. She writes and presents visualization programs that reduce stress and improve individual and team performance. She also teaches public speaking at the University of Minnesota. Robin has published more than 1200 newspaper and magazine articles celebrating the best of the human spirit, and is the author of the new book, "The Ten Gifts" (St. Martin's Press) and the forthcoming book, "Something Wonderful is About to Happen" (Adams Publishing, 2001)

Silverman is the author of the award-winning middle-grade book, A Bosnian Family, the story of refugees from the war in the former Yugoslavia. She is also the author of two audiotapes: Love From Home and Relaxation for Busy People, which are being used by men and women nationwide to reduce stress and create happier, more fulfilling lives. Her stories are featured in the bestselling books Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother's Soul, Small Miracles for Women and Heartwarmers. In addition, her work has appeared in a variety of national magazines, including Inc. magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, New Woman, Teen, Woman's World and more.

Originally from Westfield, New Jersey, Robin now hails from the Heartland: Grand Forks, ND, where she lives with her husband Steve, two daughters and their collie.



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