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Every Generous Moment Heals the Heart
by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.

The crown chakra serves to unite us with Source or Divine Spirit. We become psychically injured when we become separated from our connection to God. Spiritual healing is the act of reconnecting to our Source once again and feeling our personal connection to the flow of Universal life force and the Divine plan. When the crown chakra opens that healing begins as it allows our spirit to receive the full support of the Universe.

When we connect to this Universal life force, we not only heal but our very presence also becomes healing to others. I witnessed a perfect example of this quite spontaneously the other day while waiting in the airport to pick up a friend. The plane was delayed, the airport was extremely crowded and everyone was feeling stressed, anxious and out of control. You could tell that everyone was clearly cut off from Source by their grim faces, their rude intolerance of one another and their angry conversations. All that is except a two-year-old baby boy who was traveling with his mother. He was oblivious to the fact that a problem was happening and having a perfectly delightful time watching all the people in the waiting area. A friendly comedic kid who must be a very old soul, he walked from person to person as far as his mother would let him wander, catching everyone’s eye and then making the silliest face he could until each one laughed. There was nothing shy or reserved about this kid or his intentions. One by one, he’d pick his target, get right up close and begin his antics, not budging until he got a laugh. Just a smile wouldn’t do. He went for the guffaw! After a few successes, he began to gain an audience, and pretty soon he was getting applause for his efforts. It was absolutely hilarious. The most wonderful part was that he was intentionally cheering up this crowd, even though he was only a baby. And he succeeded. His energy was so alive, so vibrant, and so unabashedly unselfconscious that pretty soon the whole area seemed to take on a new tone. Every one lit up. Dark looks disappeared, tight lips eased and the general aura of the place improved significantly. It would be absolutely accurate to say that baby healed the entire room that night. It was amazing and humbling to watch.

To many people, spiritual healing sounds rather exotic, something only very holy or evolved people can do. The truth is spiritual healing comes naturally to all of us, and is achieved every time we open our hearts fully, speak our truth, see the beauty in all things and desire to share this flowing and joyful energy with those around us. One needn’t take any specific training in order to be a healing force in this world. It only takes a generous heart and a willingness to share it with others. It doesn’t take power or money or even time to be a generous and loving force in the world. It just takes the desire to make the world a little brighter with your heart.

One of the most touching and healing moments of my life occurred spontaneously and continues to have a lasting effect on my heart to this day. I had just finished teaching a workshop in Athens where I had addressed the most open hearted and appreciative audience I believe I’ve ever had. After the talk, I was saying goodbye to the people one at a time when a very beautiful young woman came up to me. She said, "Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me. I love you so much for your inspiring words. I very much want to give you something to take into your heart, but I am not able to offer you a worthy present. Would you mind if I sang you an old Greek love ballad as an act of appreciation?"

Of course I said I would love it. Completely taken by her clear and pure intention, I sat and listened as she sang me a soulful song in the most beautiful voice I could ever imagine. The entire experience gave me goose bumps and made me cry. Her tones touched the core of my spirit and healed all the rough edges and fragile places in my heart in an instant. It was like salve on wounds I didn’t even know I had. The combination of her voice, her open heart, and her intention to heal me affected me profoundly. To this day I am certain that Heaven sent an angel to sing to me. It warms me all over again just to remember it.

No matter who is doing the healing, whether it is a master Reiki master, a Greek angel, or a two-year-old baby, the essence that heals is the same. The healing force is love, offered from the highest intention, and founded on the truth that under it all, as spiritual beings, we are all one at heart. Knowing this you too can become a healer and may have already served God as an agent of healing energy. You’ve done this every time you laughed something off instead of going ballistic. You’ve done it when you’ve shared what you love most with others, you’ve done this when you’ve offered a kind word or given freely of yourself when it was difficult to do. You’ve healed when you’ve restored the confidence of others, believed in their worth even when he they doubted themselves, and kept your intention to care for them steady and strong. I believe we all have a lot more "heal" in us than we do "heel." I believe our crown chakras are more expansive than we recognize. I believe pain is so familiar that when we slip out of it, we have a feeling of fear and unease just because peace is so unfamiliar. But if we would only trust our magnificence when our crown chakra does shine, it would shine even brighter in our lives.

©Copyright Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.  All Rights Reserved.  Excerpted from "True Balance: A Commonsense Guide to Renewing Your Spirit" by Sonia Choquette Ph. D.  Published by Three Rivers Press.

Sonia Choquette has been a renowned visionary intuitive and spiritual teacher for over thirty years. The author of four best selling books, The Wise Child, The Psychic Pathway, Your Heart's Desire and her newest book, True Balance, she is a refreshing and inspiring jargon-free teacher who makes the esoteric easily accessible, and the spiritual world grounded, user friendly, and engaging. Educated at the University of Denver, and the Sorbonne, Paris in addition to holding a doctorate in Metaphysics, Sonia’s work focuses on simple and direct techniques for tapping into intuition, creativity and a heightened sense of well being. Her principles are workable, practical and bring wanted results.

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