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Robin L. Silverman

Fullistic Living™ Helps You Live Multi-Dimensionally
by Robin L. Silverman


Author Carolyn Myss tells a wonderful story about a man she met in Belgium. Within the space of a few hours, he lost all his partners in life. His business associates told him they no longer wanted to work with him, and his wife asked for a divorce.

Rather than panic, he did something unusual, especially for a man who didn't consider himself particularly spiritual. He got down on his knees and said, "All right, God, you have my attention. What? What do You want?"

That night, he had a dream. He was riding on some hairpin curves on a treacherous mountain. Although his car was slipping and sliding, it made it to the other side, where there was a light on in a very pleasant cottage. When he entered the cottage, the table was set for two, and there was a good meal waiting.

He interpreted the symbols according to the circumstances in his life at that moment. Within 18 months, he was on his way to becoming one of the richest men in the country and found his true soul mate.

Something Wonderful is About to Happen by Robin Silverman

Myss calls this switching from first chakra thinking to sixth chakra thinking; going from appearances, social rules and ego issues to God-thinking, where anything is not only possible, but already exists to uplift and support us. This is something that few young people can do easily, mostly because they are not "transparent" enough to feel some of the higher vibrations around us. At mid-life, however, such major shifts become possible. First, because we have finally lived enough to know that logical approaches don't always solve problems. Second, because at mid-life, our bodies truly start to speak to us through symptoms and squeaks. And finally, because we can sit still long enough to let some of the higher energies come to us and through us.

Mid-life is a perfect time to switch to Fullistic Living™ , where we are present in our lives and simultaneously aware of the invisible energies that allow love to flow to us and through us. Fullistic Living™ is a dimension above holistics. Fullistic Living™ is the creative art and quantum science of blending your inner gifts with invisible energy fields so you can experience more freedom, joy and contentment than you ever believed possible. With Fullistic Living™ you unify your mind, body and spirit in the present to make yourself powerfully magnetic to the future you want. With it, you can remove stressful blocks, open gates of opportunity, and connect to people and experiences you enjoy.

Fullistic Living™ helps you to live multi-dimensionally. It unifies your higher self with the you who is thinking and acting out your present-day story. Just like the man in Myss's story, you connect what is happening to you now with what Yoda in the movie "Star Wars" calls "The Force," which is really nothing more than the quantum energy field that surrounds us. The result is a new level of awareness not only of yourself, but of the people and life around you--including that which can't be seen or perceived by our five senses.

The result of learning Fullistic Living™ is greater comfort and control over your daily life, combined with a new level of happiness and personal peace for your future. It's the ultimate stress reducer, dissolving confusion, frustration and doubt while delivering you to the safety and creative power immediately available to you. Fullistic Living™ is not just fulfilling--it's fun! It helps you attract "coincidences" that energize your goal-getting, complement the effectiveness of other skill training and assure higher levels of success with your self-development efforts.

To try one simple exercise right now, get a piece of paper and something with which to write. (Assuming you want to keep this article on your computer as you do this. However, you can also finish reading the article and do the exercise on your computer if you prefer.) Write a paragraph about where you are and what you're doing right now. Try to use as many specific details as you can.

For instance, "I am sitting in my office. The overhead light is on because it keeps getting cloudy, but the sun just broke through and the glare was so great that I had to partially close the blinds. Although I'm writing, I'm thinking about all the calls I have to make later, and wondering whether I'll be able to reach people or get stuck with a bunch of stupid voicemail and have to play phone tag forever. I have a half-drunk glass of water on my desk, and figure I should finish it already and get another one. I'm surrounded by way too much paper, and feel suffocated by the clutter."

Go as long and as far as you can, until your hand and spirit feel like stopping. Remember to be specific in your descriptions. A "blinding glare" is better than "a lot of light." "Stupid voicemail" is better than "leaving messages." "Suffocated by paper" is better than "a bunch of clutter." In other words, let your words show what you believe and how you feel about the subject of the moment. The more descriptive you are, the better.

When you're done, stand up. The reason for this is that you're now going to feel what you think, and to get the most accurate reading, you'll want your spine to be straight (for energy flow) and your body awareness to be high. Stretch or shake out any kinks you may be feeling, take a deep breath, and read what you wrote out loud. You do not need to read it to anyone else unless you want to. In this case, "talking to yourself" is fine.

The Ten Gifts by Robin Silverman

As you read, pay attention to the words you chose. In the above example, the words "stuck," "stupid," and "suffocated" came through. What kind of mental picture do those conjure up? Do they sound like someone whose life is happy and flowing? The pictures you create with your words will show you what you believe to be true about your life. If you learn how to "watch your words," you'll quickly see where you might be sabotaging your happiness and personal freedom. You don't need to lie and say you like something you don't, but you will discover that the more you release your judgments, the happier you'll feel.

Next, pay attention to how you sound. Is your voice flat, monotonic? Does it have a happy lilt? Do you sound angry, or does it drop to a whisper at certain points? Notice where it is strong, weak, or simply "normal." Mark the words that seem to stir changes in you, for better or worse. These will show you where your energy is being sucked, stolen, suppressed or encouraged. Again, make notes.

Then read your paper a second time. This time, put your attention on your body, and how you feel. Are there any subjects or words that cause you to feel tense? Any that feel particularly good? Watch for every kind of body signal, even if you think it doesn't mean anything. This includes stiff necks, sore knees, heart palpitations, shallow breathing or even hiccups. Again, make note of which words or subjects trigger what.

Finally, pretend that your "higher self" just walked into the room, and will be observing you. Read your piece a third time, imagining that you are watching "you" do it. Do you look, sound or seem happy? What would you, as an outside observer, say about what you see and hear?

Now look at all your notes. Your written story will show you how much love and life you're getting from the present. Because we are the story we tell about ourselves, you can use your written piece to ask yourself the question, "Since I believe this is true, what does it say about me? Am I accepting or resisting my present life? Does it feel good to me or not? And do I want things to stay this way?" This is when you can start to think about new goals and ideas.

Now look at your body notes. These will give you insights about your past. As Myss often points out, "our biology is our biography." If a particular thought triggers a stiff neck, where might you be stubborn or "stiff-necked" about the subject? If your knees buckle, what is making you feel you "don't have a leg to stand on"? Look at your body's language as metaphors for your spiritual challenges, not as a set of symptoms. Are you ready to release any of the beliefs that may be holding you back?

Finally, look at the notes made by your "higher self." This is your future speaking. For as you vibrate today, so you will attract tomorrow. If you want to predict your future, pay attention to how you are thinking, speaking and acting in the present. You will quickly be able to see what you can expect.

If you're happy and flowing, congratulations! You're living Fullistically™. If not, you may want to learn how to meditate in the moment or Creativision™ so you can relax and get more from your life.

Ultimately, remember that your mind is only one tool to help you live the life you want. For the fullest experience of life, try letting the wisdom of your body and higher self suggest ways you can release blocks and allow love in all its myriad forms to enter. It's a great-full way to live!

© Copyright 2003 Robin L. Silverman.  All Rights Reserved.

Robin L. Silverman
Robin L. Silverman is the author of the forthcoming book, "Fullistic Living™." She is also the author of "The Ten Gifts" and "Something Wonderful is About to Happen."


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