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A Contemporary Tribe
by Laurie Pentell

My parents spent their entire lives rooted and raising their family in one city. Today, people are much more likely to change locales in pursuit of that great job, or preferred weather, or perhaps kindred community. I’d spent the better part of my 30’s in Colorado, where nature and spirituality provided the primary fuel of my life. Then I returned to my hometown, Chicago. Whomp! What a cultural jolt. The city had changed considerably in the interim, and I, too, was not the same kid who’d headed west on my mountain adventure. For some time I groped around for a sense of place, particularly my place in this huge, diverse metropolis. I remember wondering, Where are my people? This question turned out to be the seed that sprouted into Sageheart Alliance… an association of pathfinders and way-showers who are "doing well by doing good" in life and livelihood.

Actually, that Sageheart seed seemingly implanted itself in my mind, choosing me as its chief visionary and steward. A lengthy gestation period followed during which the idea of a connecting point for wisdom-sharing professionals kept my synapses firing for the cause. It was a full six years later—after I left my corporate confines—that Sageheart Alliance at long last took root in the Midwestern urban landscape.

The quest to build an evolutionary organization like this one was fueled by my hunger for a community of creative entrepreneurial types like myself who are also inclined to view life through a spiritual lens; people who genuinely feel that their lives are an expression of higher consciousness stepped down to the frequency and amplitude of this plane. Modern mystics, essentially, with their feet on the ground and their sleeves rolled up ready to contribute to the betterment of the world.

A few years ago I encountered the phrase cultural creatives, coined by sociologist Paul Ray, PhD., and it totally resonated with the Sageheart vision. Cultural Creatives (CCs) tend to care deeply about things like ecological sustainability, social justice, peace, relationships, self-actualization, spirituality, and self-expression. Their emerging values and lifestyles are impacting the very business of life, and are shaping a new agenda for the 21st century. They are creating a new culture—one that may just shift the global tide from the brink of disaster to a sacred stewardship… from the nuts and bolts of interpersonal relationships up through the complex nuances of conscious business, global peace, and natural balance. Sageheart Alliance embodies the CC spirit. "CCs R Us."

Sageheart forums are opportunities for us to meet and learn and network. At each session, guest visionaries share their particular wisdom in a way that showcases their professional service. Forums are enjoyable ways to get a beat on what people are doing, and what their skills are. It’s no secret that kindred spirits like to do business together, and form creative alliances for any variety of collaborations. Sageheart forums provide a context for such possibilities to emerge.

We now also have a website up and running, with expansions on the way. This has been a long time coming and was highly anticipated. It provides a cyber salon for CCs to connect outside the forum format to flow energy and ideas.

Ultimately the Sageheart vision includes a versatile meeting/performance/gallery space, with adjacent offices that can be time-shared and/or used as business incubators. Our programs and events are growing in quality, frequency, and value to the conscious community of Chicago. I’m also burning to get into webcasting—radio and video. There is so much talent to be tapped and expressed, and it seems quite doable with the Internet!

Sageheart exists to inspire and encourage heartful, ethical, creative expression in life and livelihood. It honors an alternative bottom line by which to measure success and fulfillment—one oriented toward intrinsic meaning. I wasn’t born into it, but it is my tribe of choice.

Copyright © 2001 Laurie Pentell. All Rights Reserved. 

Laurie Pentell is the founder/director of Sageheart Alliance.  She is a lifelong questing spirit who views life as sacred art and humans as artisans who continually co-create the lifescape. 

Her various modes of professional expression include broadcasting, software and website development, and producing self-actualization programs with luminaries of the human potential field. She considers herself a writer foremost, and is available to explore potential collaborations on creative projects that are resonant with the tone of sageheart.com.

It is Laurie’s passion to explore the infinite nature of reality, celebrate the boundless capacity of the human spirit, and co-create opportunities to build a better world—one that works for all.

Email Laurie at: laurie@sageheart.com.


Visit Laurie at:



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