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Breathe Through Your Fear
by Burge Smith-Lyons

I was awakened from a peaceful sleep at 1am to hear my son’s voice saying, “My plane almost crashed. We had an emergency landing and had to brace for impact.”

I did not hear anything else after that but began to breathe slowly and purposefully. I knew to breathe through the fear so I could function and hear what he was saying.

He is safe and has a hundred thousand angels by his side. We all have these angels, and through our breath, we can experience them in so many ways. 

Conscious breathing techniques have been around for centuries. Our ancestors breathed for sacred ceremonies, tantric connections, and mind/body/spirit prayer.

Many of us in this day and age are afraid of our breath and use it with shallow rapidity as if that is how God intended. We have forgotten the full conscious breath that gives us life and eases our minds.  We are even unaware of our breath until we are without it in those times that “knock our breath out,” make us “hold your breath,” or require us to “breathe and push that baby out”.

If we would for a moment remember that we are conscious breathers, we could be able to face any fear or circumstances with our natural healing energy. Take a moment and breathe in and out deeply.  Repeat this ten times in a row without stopping. This process is called Conscious Breathing because you are deliberately and purposefully concentrating on your breath.  In doing this, you are bringing more life force into your body with each breath. Yoga masters have been using this technique for ages.

Some call this technique rebirthing because they are breathing new life and releasing any stuck energy or old patterns of thought. The body takes over, and the mind gets to take a break. If you allow your body to take over, you get out of your way. In other words, your mind stops trying to figure it out or judge or justify what you are doing.  If you allow yourself to relax into a rounded breath pattern in and out through your mouth, you are able to access many dimensions or thoughts or feelings. You could become emotional and release tears or laughter. Either way, you are releasing toxins in your body and oxygenating your cells. On a spiritual level, you could access your guides, ancestors, other beings, or loved ones who have passed on. Or your inner being may guide you or give you messages for your benefit.

In any case, there are so many ways of breathing to help you through your fears or pains.

(Breathing in and out through your mouth deeply, short quick breaths, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, to name a few).

This is why a birthing coach would suggest you breathe through childbirth. The body takes over, and your breath controls everything. Breathing through childbirth is Mother Nature’s way of allowing you to experience a miracle with open eyes and full memory.

Therefore, a rebirth or conscious breath session allows the same focus on the breath while releasing any fear or pain, possibly even releasing feelings of euphoria and bliss.

When we are afraid, we hold our breath. If we could remember to breathe during a scary movie, right before we speak in front of people, or when we get angry, the tension and stress built up in our psyche is alleviated at that moment. We are free to explore our feelings fully and not inhibit our true nature. Our true nature is to breathe the breath of life from the moment we are born until we pass through the veil of light.

I know for me when my son told me about his ordeal, I processed my feelings through my breath and felt better quickly.  Breathing consciously is good. Try it the next time you feel afraid or discouraged, and you will immediately feel more whole and centered.

© Copyright 2010 Burge Smith-Lyons. All Rights Reserved. 


Debra Lynn Dadd
Burge Smith-Lyons is the owner & president of The Essence of Being, Inc. & Burge Enterprises, Inc. which consults, produces, and facilitates family & corporate trainings and seminars for emotional healing, better communication techniques, and team building. She is a minister, certified rebirther, personal coach, family and couples counselor, motivational speaker, trainer, workshop leader and intuitive healer. She has created and facilitated personal growth workshops in the fields of self-empowerment, relationships, abundance, and emotional healing for adults and children for over 25 years.

Burge is the Chairman and founder of The Healing Forest Foundation, Inc. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on experiential learning and the shifting of outdated belief systems that contribute to physical, mental, and emotional illness for children and their families. The foundation produces "Kid Power Camps" for children ages 6-17 for one-week residential & day camps. It produces workshops for divorced or separated parents dealing with alienation & emotional stress. Burge facilitates support groups with parents who are dealing with similar issues.  She has brought interactive programs and self-esteem workshops to the Atlanta City Schools, Prodigy Learning Centers, and Alternative High Schools in Asheville, N.C. She has also been a communications teacher for high school as well as a primary educator for kindergarten and elementary schools.

She has thousands of graduates from around the world & training centers in Atlanta , Miami, Asheville, Boston, and Rhode Island.  Please visit her site at www.essenceofbeing.com, or visit www.bubbletalk.net to learn about her new DVD: "BubbleTalk... the subconscious thoughts that block us from getting what we want".

Burge uses breathwork in her “Essence of Being” series of workshops and her trance dance events. A certified rebirther and holistic counselor, she is a transformational expert.




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