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Books on Personal Rituals

Mind Body Spirit

Mind, Body, Spirit: A Complete Guide to Holistic Therapies for Achieving and Maintaining Optimum Health and Wellbeing
y Jane Alexander
Look after yourself with the first truly interactive guide to holistic living and complementary therapies. Packed with practical advice, virtually every page of this book offers an exercise or useful tip to help you achieve (and maintain) optimum health and wellbeing.
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Sacred Rituals at Home

Sacred Rituals at Home
by Jane Alexander
Are you ready to cleanse, purify, change, and cure your body and spirit? Here are the tools to achieve your spiritual goals, right in your own home! This amazing book adapts the most effective rituals of the ages, from ancient yoga practices, Native American smudging and medicine wheels, and Balinese traditions, to Kabbalistic protection ceremonies, feng shui, candle magic, and more. 
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The Sacred Bedroom

The Sacred Bedroom: Creating Your Personal Sanctuary
by Jon Robertson
Every aspect of life is essentially connected to the bedroom, whether sleeping, talking, making love, praying, crying, or enjoying solitude. The Sacred Bedroom is an inspirational guide to creating a bedroom that is a refuge not only for relaxing but also for restoring health in body, mind, and spirit. The author reveals how this most private room can be used to heal hurts, enhance happiness, and reunite people with the sacred in each day. 
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The Sacred Kitchen

The Sacred Kitchen: Higher-Consciousness Cooking...
by Robin Robertson, Jon Robertson
This book celebrates the everyday act of cooking as a sacred, life- giving activity and reclaims the kitchen as a temple in the home. Its recipes and sample menus are organized by theme and interspersed among chapters that include tips on using feng shui to supercharge kitchen space, learning to work with the chi (life force) in foods, and incorporating cross-cultural celebrations into mealtimes to bring friends and family closer together. 
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Joy of Ritual: Spiritual Recipes to Celebrate Milestones, Ease Transitions, and Make Every Day Sacred
by Barbara Biziou
Rituals are a part of everyday life. Your morning cup of coffee, Thursday night bowling, or Sunday pancake breakfast are all special times that can be considered rituals. But we often follow our routines without any conscious thought to their deeper meanings. Biziou shows how these moments can give us a sense of comfort, if we take the time to reflect on how they are beneficial to our lives. 
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The Joy of Family Rituals: Recipes for Everyday Living
by Barbara Biziou
Let rituals strengthen and celebrate your family. This warm and inspirational book offers an array of "ritual recipes," from those that acknowledge ordinary routines (mealtimes, baths, bedtimes) to rituals that commemorate significant life passages (parenthood, new siblings, puberty) and special family occasions (birthdays and anniversaries). It also includes rituals for first times, last times, and hard times (losing a pet). 
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What My Grandmother Taught Me About the Universe

by KD Farris, Ph.D.
A timeless fable and a gift for all ages, this book is overflowing with priceless treasures and wisdom. MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT are just the tools we need on our path as we seek harmony, balance and fulfillment in an increasingly demanding and fast-paced world. 
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Practicing the Presence of the Goddess 

Practicing the Presence of the Goddess: Everyday Rituals to Transform Your World
by Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.

More women than ever are incorporating some kind of spiritual practice into their daily lives, and not always in traditional religious form, but as alternative or hybrid practices. In Practicing the Presence of the Goddess, Barbara Ardinger offers a wide variety of meditations and personal rituals to help women honor the feminine spirit and commune with the Goddess.
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Essence and Alchemy 

Essence and Alchemy: A Book of Perfume
by Mandy Aftel 

Mandy Aftel resurrects the rich legacy that is entwined with the evolution of perfumery, from the dramas of the spice trade to the quests of the alchemists. She unearths a forgotten world in which scent was celebrated by poets, contemplated by philosophers, and universally appreciated for its profound resonance with body, mind, and soul. 
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A Sabbath Life

A Sabbath Life: A Woman's Search for Wholeness
by Kathleen Hirsch

A successful writer and a committed feminist, at forty, Kathleen Hirsch suddenly finds herself at odds with the life she has constructed, restless and longing for a nameless "something more." Unable to trek to Tibet or retreat to a cabin in the woods, she enters a long season of reflection in the midst of her everyday life. How, she begins to ask, can busy women's lives be more spiritually alive and whole?
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The Essence of Feng Shui

The Essence of Feng Shui: Balancing Your Body, Home and Life with Fragrance
by Jami Lin
Lin translates the powerful techniques of Feng Shui into a practical book that shows readers how to combine this ancient art, the body's energy centers, and fragrance to enhance life. 
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The Feng Shui Anthology

The Feng Shui Anthology: Contemporary Earth Design
by Jami Lin
Professional interior designer and feng shui expert Jami Lin has gathered the industry's most knowledgeable specialists to provide you with practical and easy-to-follow ideas. 
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Feng Shui Today

Feng Shui Today: Earth Design, the Added Dimension
by Jami Lin
Decorate for Greater Health, Wealth and Happiness! Beautify your home and office as you apply nature's de-mystified secrets proven to enhance abundance and well-being. 
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