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Books on Ecological Awareness

Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods
by Julia Butterfly Hill

A young woman named Julia Butterfly Hill climbed a 200-foot redwood in December 1997. She didn't come down for 738 days. The Legacy of Luna, part diary, part treatise, and part New Age spiritual journey, is the story of Julia Butterfly Hill's two-year arboreal odyssey. 
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Reconnecting With Nature: Finding Wellness Through Restoring Your Bond With the Earth
by Michael J. Cohen 
Most of us have been conditioned to ignore nearly fifty sensitivities that connect us to the natural world.  Dr. Cohen suggests ways to use nature's wisdom to re-awaken dormant sensitivities, rebuild our spiritual connection with the Earth and enhance our personal well-being.
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Ecotherapy: Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth 
by Howard Clinebell

This trailblazing book sheds light on humankind's most serious health challenge ever--how to save our precious planet--describes the strategic opportunities available to help the endangered human species cope constructively, and demonstrates the importance of hope, humor, and love in the process.
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Sight and Sensibility: The Ecopsychology of Perception
by Laura Sewall and David Abram
In the tradition of A Natural History of the Senses, an esteemed expert in ecopsychology shows how expanding the way we see the natural world can improve the way we relate to it.
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The Soul of Nature: Celebrating the Spirit of the Earth 
by Michael Tobias (Editor) and Georgianne Cowan (Editor) 

This collection of vivid and eloquent testimonies by environmentalists, eco-theologians, and native peoples illustrates a variety of responses to the same universal question: Where are we as a species heading on this planet? 
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The Dream of the Earth
by Thomas Berry 

Naturalist Berry presents an inspiring and visionary statement about what our threatened planet needs from its human inhabitants
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Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters 
by Annie Dillard

A collection of meditations like polished stones--painstakingly worded, tough-minded, yet partial to mystery, and peerless when it comes to injecting larger resonances into the natural world.
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Green Psychology: Cultivating a Spiritual Connection with the Natural World 
by Ralph Metzner 

A visionary ecopsychologist examines the rift between human beings and nature and shows what can be done to bring harmony to both the ecosystem and our own minds.
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Green Nature/Human Nature: The Meaning of Plants in Our Lives
by Charles A. Lewis 

Technology and urban life have strengthened the misconception that we are in control of nature, that nature is here to serve us. We must consider ourselves as a part of nature, not apart from nature.
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