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Personal Journals and Diaries

Soul Catcher: A Journal to Help You Become
Who You Really Are 

by Kathy Eldon, Amy Eldon 

A journal and a guide to exploring dreams, aspirations, and emotions, Soul Catcher invites you to ask questions, seek answers, and listen to your own guiding spirit as you make the choices that shape your life. It allows you to envision the future as you create it through your actions in the present. Beautifully illustrated.
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Across the Porch from God: A Gratitude Journal 
by Flavia Weedn, Lisa Weedn

Offers beautifully-illustrated pages and evocative headings that encourage the reader to recall and record the people, events and experiences for which they are grateful.
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Journal to the Soul: The Art of Sacred Journal Keeping 
by Rose Offner

The premise of this very pretty workbook  is that "keeping a journal is a healing art." On backdrops of hieroglyphics, children's lined paper, lily ponds, and clouds, the journal keeper can write in response to 35 inquiries into self, including: "write a thank-you note to God, your higher power, or life"; "write about your relationship with your body"; "write a sacred creed for your life"; "write about your dark side"; and "list 100 dreams and desires you have." --Jane Steinberg 
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The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions 
by Carl Marshall, David Marshall (Contributor)
A simple and elegant way to record the thoughts and experiences of a lifetime and to preserve them for generations to come, this handsome, keepsake book contains over 200 prompts divided into three life phases (Early, Middle, and Later Years).
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All About Me: Millennium Edition 
by Philipp Keel
As you've probably heard before, an unexamined life... may be pretty darn boring. You can remedy that with All About Me, a journal filled with checklists and fill-in-the-blank questions divided into 25 categories, including sexuality, ego, wishes & dreams, opinions, emotions, memories, and choices.Purchase It

The 7 Habits Family Journal 
by Stephen R. Covey 

To accompany Stephen Covey's latest book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, The 7 Habits Family Journal" has these family-friendly features: Foreword and quotes by Stephen Covey, smudge-proof cover, page for a family mission statement, and enclosed wire-O binding. 
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Grandmother's Treasures: Reflections and Remembrances 
by Lois Wyse, Judith Sutton (Illustrator) 

A beautifully designed keepsake that is the perfect gift for grandmother. Meant to be handed down from generation to generation, it is the ideal, special place for grandmother to record the story and spirit of her life, the books she's read, the music she's listened to, the places she's traveled, the values she's lived by, her joys, and sorrows.
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The Blue Rainbow Journal
Shizen Design's new series of journals consist of their ever popular handmade paper covers and pages. The paper is made out of cotton is 100 percent recycled out of post-consumer waste. The paper making process is pollution free and is manufactured in India at the village level in factories funded by the United Nations. It contains a mixture of five different handmade papers which include Spice Straw Herbal Flakes Vegetable Fiber and Algae and Garlic Flake paper.
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Adventure Imports Natural Hemp Fabric Journal
A beautiful Natural Hemp fabric covered Journal from Adventure Imports. This lined journal of 128 pages, case bound and covered in a unique fabric is 5.5" x 8.25" x 0.56" inches. The  hemp fabric is produced in China and contains an 80% hemp/20% cotton content. No bleaches or dyes are used during the hemp production process. 
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