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Let Yoga Embrace Your Life
by Ginette Aucoin


Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. And contrary to what many envision, the essence of yoga is not only about balancing on one foot or touching one’s head to the floor. Asanas (poses) are only a fraction of the big yoga picture, as are breathing, meditation and reading. They are techniques used to help us progress toward well-being and balance.

As we move along our yoga path, we are unconsciously discovering the true essence of yoga. While we have all heard about the numerous benefits yoga can offer us ( flexibility, stress relief, muscle strengthening, focus, relaxation etc.), it is only with practice and careful observation that we can fully understand and feel its true essence. Through focused breathing, we not only improve our physical health and our asanas, but we cultivate our ability to spend time in the present moment. And only then can we live our lives fully, appreciating every single moment without running ahead or wasting time with the past.

By learning to change our way of seeing things, we gradually change our lives. Therefore, as we move along our path, our way of reacting to situations changes, our relationships improve and our minds become calmer as we learn to let go and ground ourselves to what matters most.

Yoga directs us towards gratitude, love, healthy lifestyle choices and nature. As we become more aware of these guidelines, we will begin to notice small changes in our everyday lives. Soon, the benefits of yoga will be felt as much off the mat as on the mat. The path we’ve chosen is a wonderful one which has the power to lead us towards a simple, peaceful and fulfilling life. But life, as is our yoga practice, is our own personal journey and each step is to be enjoyed and lived in full without being preoccupied with the destination. Savor each moment and be mindful of the NOW. Enjoy the journey!!

‘To excel in life is to accept responsibility for all of your moments. In all encounters, situations and events, you must ask yourself only one question: ‘How can I make this great?’’- Ginette Aucoin

© Copyright 2010 Ginette Aucoin.  All rights reserved. 


Daina Puodziunas
Ginette Aucoin is a certified yoga instructor and a registered nurse who lives in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and three children. She presently teaches nursing through l’Université Sainte Anne and works as an RN at a local medical clinic. For the past 12 years, Ginette has dedicated much of her spare time to health and well-being, offering yoga classes from her new studio ‘Yoga…au bord de la mer’, giving motivational talks to groups of all ages and never getting tired of pursuing her studies on life-balancing subjects. Ginette and her husband dream of one day opening a wellness center in their area to further share their passion and interest in health and well-being.


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