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Patricia Rose Upczak

We Are One
by Patricia Rose Upczak

Have you ever gazed up at the stars and galaxies and tried to comprehend the vastness of the Universe? I have and it makes me dizzy and completely overwhelmed. And yet the Universe incorporates it all. We are universal beings in the ONE UNIVERSE. Our trillions of cells that travel and interact constantly as divine sparks within our bodies go everywhere we go. Our hearts beat without our constant monitoring. Our brains think and handle everything that happens within our being until the body dies. We don't even consciously focus on all the things our bodies do until they don't do something right or something goes wrong. Those cells seems to experience their separateness just like people do with their lives on earth.

Synchronicity, Signs and Symbols by Patricia Rose Upczak

The Course of Miracles tells us we are all ONE. I believe that is the ultimate truth we are all seeking. One world, one people, one Universe for all of us to explore, create and live in.

There is a Sanskrit saying that caught my complete attention many years ago. I think it describes everything I want to continue to learn and teach; and coincidentally defines "oneness" for me.

     As the atom so is the Universe.
     As the microcosm so is the Macrocosm.
     As the human body so is the Cosmic Body.
     As the human mind so the Cosmic Mind.

Throughout literature we have read the esoteric truism, "As above, So below," and recognize that the tiny atom is within itself a solar system of expression, differing from other atoms according to the arrangement and number of electrons around the central charge. We can perceive that this theme is being repeated over and over again in countless forms and expressions, and recognize that we are all a part of the One Whole.

A Synchronistic Journey by Patricia Rose Upczak

Quantum physics tells us that there is no end to the cosmic dance – the universal field of energy transforms itself, becoming new every second. One way to visualize the concept of oneness that we live in to imagine a Divine Ocean that is an enormous source of loving power. Then picture you and me as tiny drops in this ocean. The power of each drop is part of that great ocean of power. We are intimately connected to each other and everything exists.

© Copyright 2009 Patricia Rose Upczak. All Rights Reserved. 

Patricia Rose Upczak
Patricia Rose Upczak is a Reiki Master, author and teacher. She worked in the public school system for 25 years. She has been involved in the healing arts since 1985. The insight she provides about the truth and simple living could only come from a person with life experience, compassion and understanding. She is dedicated to helping others on this wonderful journey we call life. Patricia latest book is her Audio Book of Synchronicity, Signs & Symbols. She is also the author of The Mystery of Devil's Gulch, and Reiki A Way of Life.


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Synchronicity Publishing



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