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Reverend Jennifer Baltz

Reflections on You and Your
Body: Partners for Life

by Jennifer Baltz

The holidays are over. The goodies are mostly eaten. And weíre all ready for a fresh start in 2005. But before you start on those New Year Resolutions, take a peek at this.

Did you know that your body is built to match your life purpose? As a spirit, you actually chose a body with the genetics that you need to do what you came here to do. It may not always seem that way, especially when youíre struggling to lose weight or keep exercise goals. But itís true. You came equipped to fulfill your goals as spirit this lifetime.

Take a moment and take stock of the things you like about your bodyóthe things it can do, the gifts it came with. And notice how these abilities and gifts have served you well all of your life.

Now there may be other aspects that you arenít so pleased with, but you may also find that you have learned a lot in dealing with them, too. Learned things that have helped you along your pathóto become more empathetic with others, to grow as a spirit, and so on.

Your body is a part of who you are, but it is guided on the whole by you as an immortal spirit.

Itís kind of like you and your car, only on a much deeper, more connected level. If you picture your car as a creature with feelings and desires, itís a much closer comparison. As a spirit, youíre in the driverís seat, but your body ultimately controls how far and how fast you can go. If your body is unhappy, or not well cared for; if it doesnít have the right fuel; or if itís just plain mad at you, you may find your goals grinding to a halt.

So the communication between you and your body makes a BIG difference in how your life goes. Good communication means much smoother sailing.

That communication includes everything from feelings and sensations, to thoughts, words and mental images. You as a spirit communicate best in images. Your body does better with feelings and senses. Words and thoughts come somewhere in the middle.

In a sense, with every thought, feeling, and choice, you are relationship-building with your body. Whenever you do, say or think things that are supportive, caring and loving towards your body, it builds trust and communication. Thoughts and actions that are negative, or not supportive, tend to undermine the trust and communication we have with our bodies.

Consistent positive input, from your thoughts to what you eat and how much sleep you get, makes a big difference in the body-spirit partnership. When times are tough and you need that partnership the most, you want it to be as strong as possible. The stronger the partnership, the more you can use the gifts and strengths you designed your body to have in the first place.

Other benefits of good body-spirit communication are strong intuition, greater awareness, creativity, greater wellness, and more fun. Youíll have greater awareness of what you really want, and it will be much easier to get there--when you work with your body as a partner in the process.

Copyright © 2005 Jennifer Baltz.  All Rights Reserved. 

Reverend Jennifer Baltz
Jennifer Baltz is a business and life coach and creative mentor with over 18 years experience helping people consciously create their dreams. She offers individual coaching, classes, seminars, and mastermind groups to help you create change in your life, from personal and creative growth to small business development. Visit Jennifer's website for more information, www.creativespirit.com, or follow Jennifer on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jenbaltz




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