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Richard Bellamy

Praying, Wishing and Manifesting
by Richard Bellamy

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding." --Hermes 

The shock of reality has shaken us at our depth as a nation, and as a planet. Forever we will remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news on that fateful day in September. Thousands of lives were taken in the destruction, not only of Americans, but many other citizens of the world. Wives became husbandless. Husbands became wifeless. Partners became partner less. Children became fatherless or motherless, and perhaps both.

12 Secrets to Manifesting Your Vision by Richard Bellamy

Our primary symbol of capitalism was transformed into rubble before our eyes as a nation. Our primary symbol of power and military might was effaced. Our nation lost its sons and daughters in the military as well.

We have no choice in the cold hard facts of history. However, we do have a choice in how we assign meaning to our history. I would not suggest that we should minimize the dark side of the events over the last few months. Neither would I suggest that we fail to look for the light hidden by the shadow of this event, and the ensuing events. Einstein was relating an analogy he had observed in physics when he said that we "cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem." Let us rise above this problem in love and wisdom.

Saint Augustine, the early church father wrote, "The will of God is equilibrium." Leibniz, the mathematician and philosopher wrote, "God does nothing out of order. Therefore, that which passes for extraordinary (out of order) is so only with regard to a particular order established among the created things, for as regards the universal order, everything conforms to it." Lao Tsu, the ancient Chinese sage who is credited with founding Taoism spoke, "Is not the way of heaven like the stretching of a bow? The high it presses down, the low if lifts up; the excessive it takes from."

What were these wise ones of different eras saying? Is it possible that they speak to us even today, or are they just platitudes to be dismissed? I invite you to join me in pondering some parts of the apparently imponderable. By doing so, it frees us to begin to see things differently, to think differently, and feel things in a new way.

How many families were brought together after that event? How many estranged son’s and daughter’s called their parent’s? How many individuals throughout America became unified on that day? How many people of the world poured out their sympathy and best wishes. How many nations stood behind us? How many Americans have contributed to charities as a result of that day? How many people thought better of lashing out with crimes of passion after that event? How many murders were averted? How much domestic violence was avoided as a result of that day?

How many acts of heroic courage did the fire fighters, police, paramedics, EMTs, and other emergency people live out? How much increased love making occurred because of people being stranded at home, and as a result, how many new births are to come as a result of the outwardly expressed repressions of inner turmoil, anger and tension? How many hugs have been given as a result of that day?

Has there ever been a day that caused the world to offer so many prayers on a global level like this one? Have we not witnessed a global outpouring of hugs and kindness? Is there not an increased global appreciation of America? Have not religious services gone up globally since the event?

Do we not have a greater appreciation for our military men and women, for FEMA, for the firefighters and police, the FBI and CIA? Has there not been a greater appreciation of civic service organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army? There has been an increased dedication to world causes.

There has been a greater appreciation and business for emergency medical services, and for medical equipment services. There has been a greater appreciation and business for the demolition and cleanup crews. There have been a greater appreciation and business for hospitals.

How many people suddenly find themselves with the feeling of a cause greater than themselves to work for which fills an empty space within their lives?

This event has been a wake up call for America to address its long-standing vulnerabilities. We now have the opportunity to increase our security procedures to prevent even more challenging events. It has given us a reason to pause and reflect upon what has true value in our lives. There has been an increase of purchasing and flying our symbol of freedom, our standard the American flag.

Wall street has been in a mania of elation, with elevated P/E ratios and over valued stocks for years. Could it be that this crisis was a timely event to hasten a correction so that the stock market can grow again? There has been increased interest in alternative energy sources such as fuel cells, which will no doubt be a part or our future as they become more economically feasible.

Carl Jung wrote, "Ultimate truth (and I would add ultimate beauty), if there be any such thing, requires the concert of many voices." I invite you to understand that ultimate truth and beauty of this event has only been approached by our previous ponderings of many voices, but what if we could find ourselves discovering more and more as we live our lives?

Heracleitus, a student of Plato who understood the formal unity of opposites within the world of experience wrote, "We must know that war is common to all, and strife is justice, and that all things come into being by strife."Plato, who wrote the words of his teacher Socrates, quotes him as saying, "Teach not what ought to be, but what is. Enter this world not as a teacher of a way out, but as witness to a divine dimension within it, opening the way to love and gratitude. Assume the outward forms of your listeners but let your message be addressed to the wisdom within each to awaken and call it to life."

There has been an increased interest in discovering the difference between our Islamic brothers and sisters, and the extreme violent fundamentalists of their faith. And lest we were to focus only on the "speck in our neighbor’s eye"… it gave us pause to examine ourselves for our extreme and violent fundamentalists, be they "Christian", or "Jewish", or whatever religion we have, just fill in the blank. Will Durant, the devoted student of comparative religions and philosophies wrote, "The greatest religions are the most tolerant ones."

Because of this event, many of us are suddenly discovering it is time we finally realize that when we were immature children, young of age and experience, it served us well to imbibe the fundamental pabulum of "black and white", "this or that", "an eye for an eye", etc., for it gave us a basis to build upon in our understanding. We can only understand a new concept in relation to something for which we already have some degree of understanding. It is now time we make use of this fundamental base which gives us a foundation to grow upon towards understanding, free of religious intolerance and dogma. Not to grow upon this foundation leaves us stuck in a primitive level of consciousness, much like a slab of concrete with no house upon it.

Freud asserted that man’s primary thrust is the attainment of pleasure. Adler asserted that our primary thrust is toward a "will to power." Maslow asserted that our primary thrust is toward seeking self-actualization. Adler’s student, Victor Frankl asserted that our primary thrust is toward meaning. I would not take anything away from the thoughts of these giant’s of the mind.

Is it not possible that they all are true, especially in light of what we now know about different places, and different evolutions in the mind? What I would like to introduce is the idea that there is another way that integrates individual pleasure and pain, with our social will to power, and gives us personal fulfillment and meaning as we discover this primary discovery within our self, and within our world. That discovery is beauty, defined as balance… harmony… symmetry… proportion… and order.

In Plato’s Symposium, Socrates describes his instruction in beauty and love. Socrates, who is regarded as the philosopher of philosophers in the west, was the teacher of Plato, who was the teacher of Aristotle and Heracleitus. Now, something that is little known is that Socrates had a teacher and her name was Diotima. In the book Socrates, describes what she instructed him and quotes her for several pages well worth reading, but I will only mention the following.

Diotima tells Socrates, "and who has learned to see beauty in due order and succession, when he comes toward the end will suddenly perceive a nature of wondrous beauty…beauty absolute, separate, simple, and everlasting, which without diminution and without increase, or any change, is imparted to the ever-growing and perishing beauties of all other things. He who from these, ascending under the influence of true love, begins to perceive that beauty is not far from the end"…The order of ascent, according to Diotima, begins "with the beauty of earth and mounts upwards for the sake of other beauty," going from one fair form to "all fair forms, and from fair forms to fair practices, and even from fair practices to fair notions, until from fair notions" we come to "the notion of absolute beauty and at last know what the essence of beauty is. This my dear Socrates, is the life above all others which man should live, in the contemplation of beauty absolute."… "Remember how in that communion only, beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may. Would that be an ignoble life?"

Now, as beautiful as that description of beauty is…what if instead of a being a destination, it was only a direction? What if instead of it being the end, it was only the beginning? The beginning of you asking yourself the question, "How much beauty can I find? How much beauty can I discover?" Now, I invite you to realize that the more you discover beauty, the more you uncover unconditional love and gratitude deep inside within your heart, at the very essence of you. And as you discover the beauty more and more, and your heart warms more and more, the resentment bands melt away to reveal ever more unconditional love and gratitude, deep down inside your open heart of hearts.

Victor Frankl who lived through the German concentration camp Auschwitz, wrote in his book Man’s Search for Meaning, "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms- to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose ones own way." Let us choose to move toward significance, meaning, beauty, love and gratitude.

As the late president John F. Kennedy wisely reminded us, "crisis" in Chinese is composed of the picture characters "danger" and "opportunity." Let us interrupt our reaction to see only the worst in this matter, and look instead for the blessings that are shining through the dust and ashes of this tragedy.

The will of God is equilibrium and who are we to judge the wisdom of the Creator and Ruler of the Universe? If we were to set ourselves up as judges of the Deity, would that not be the greatest conceit possible? Let us not view ourselves as "victims" either, for is that not the worst "curse" our enemies could hope to cast upon us? Seeing ourselves as victims keeps our consciousness trapped in our own self- pity, and misery invites more "company" to distract and paralyze us from action.

I am reminded of the story of the Sufi sage who was lying on the ground in Mecca with his feet facing a certain holy stone. He was the subject of much attention and controversy. People would yell at him not to dishonor God by pointing his feet at the stone. Some even moved him around to point in the other direction, but he simply placed his feet toward the stone again. Finally someone asked him why he persisted in his way. He replied that if anyone could show him where God is not, and then he would gladly turn his feet from the stone. I invite you to consider that if God is truly omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, then how can God not be in any event?

As you look deeper, soon you find yourself discovering more and more, that God and nature, good and evil, spirit and matter are not at enmity. We judge them as separate with "relativity" based on how we perceive pleasure and pain from them. Let us look deeper beyond pleasure and pain, and see farther toward a new direction of significance and meaning leading to beauty, unconditional love and gratitude.

History has shown that the persecuted upon have often become the persecutors of tomorrow. We have only to look around us in the world today to see that what I say is true. Let us not become the perpetrators.

Abba Eben wrote, "History teaches us that man and nations behave wisely, only after they have exhausted all other alternatives." Let us behave wisely now.

Someone wise whose name I do not recall wrote that, "History repeats itself because each generation refuses to read the minutes of the last meeting." Let us read the minutes of the last meeting.

Still another wise one who will remain nameless wrote, "War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace." Let us solve the problems of peace.

Robert Frost wrote, "Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence." Let us be educated.

John Demartini wrote. "Wisdom comes from the balance and reconciliation of all opposites. Wisdom is instantaneous recognition that crisis is blessing." Let us be wise.

Let us pray for not only President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, but for all world leaders. It has been said that the errors of a great leader are a hundred times more dangerous than the errors of the masses that they govern. Power used wisely is transformational and evolutionary. Power used unwisely leads to stagnation and is devolutionary. Let us seek wisdom and let us use our power wisely. No one mind however brilliant and industrious, is enough to direct a nation and lead the world. No many minds however joined, are united enough to direct a nation and lead a world. Our founding fathers knew that, it is why we have our form of government with its checks and balances between the one and the many. They also knew to call on the Wisdom of Divine Providence to guide both the one and the many. Let us pray for this wisdom for all our leaders, their emissaries and their soldier’s and sailor’s, and peoples of the world as we go forth and do what we do.

Science and religion must be merged to evolve humanity. We must throw off the shackles of fundamentalism that keep us captive in all religions. But that is only one side of the equation. And we must look critically at another "fundamentalism." We must take much of what is called "new age" and extract the "age old" from the "fantasias." A great help in this would be for us to study the classics, the books about which Mark Twain wrote, "The books that everyone wants to have read and no one wants to read." We must extract from both polar extremes to synthesize a more rational way based on "age old" wisdom that is eternal and timeless. How can we do this, you might ask? I believe Einstein was giving us a hint when he said, "The greatest religion is understanding the universe."

Another hidden blessing is that the more down and out we have felt as a nation, and as a world, the more up and in we will go. Realize that even in our most awful moments we are beautiful. Eternity is flowing with and through every individual of our nation and our world. Learning from our enemies is the best way toward loving them. Let us learn from them until we can be grateful to them, bridging communication and building understanding toward a brighter future for generations to come.

Let us move swiftly and boldly in both peace and war. As individuals, as a nation and as a world, we have put a box on love. Let us take down the walls on that box, so that we have no boundary, for our love to guide us through the next paradigm of individual, national and world change… the human heart. These are my Prayers, my Wishes for Manifesting.

© 2001 D. Richard Bellamy. All Rights Reserved

Dr. Richard Bellamy is an author, consultant, life coach, and speaker based in Houston. He is the author of "12 Secrets for Manifesting your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose" www.drbellamy.net




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