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Justine Willis Toms

Of Creeks and Spiders
by Justine Willis Toms

My mind has been tweaked this week. I had an intuition that it would be. Several events conspired and converged urging me to move over a few branches and view the world from a different perch. The first event was receiving this beautiful poem from a friend.

I've decided to make up my mind
about nothing, to assume the water mask,
to finish my life disguised as a creek,
an eddy, joining at night the full,
sweet flow, to absorb the sky,
to swallow the heat and cold, the moon
and the stars, to swallow myself
in ceaseless flow.
- Jim Harrison, Cabin Poem

My whole body felt washed by the image of being that creek, tumbling and splashing, meandering, reflecting, moving, absorbing, "swallowing heat and cold," flowing without pause.

Water embodies the great intention to rejoin with Mother Ocean. Nothing, nothing will stop it in this ceaseless pursuit. It may take eons to accomplish this feat; it may have to wear down monumental rocks, chisel profound canyons, seep through oozy swamps, but reunite it surely will. In the end it always reaches its heart's desire and that is to rest in the bosom of the salty sea of Mother.

With the Harrison poem continuing to work on the inner core of my being, I was tweaked again. It happened when I was reading "Deadly Silk: The Spider's Web" by Richard Conniff in the August 2001 issue of National Geographic Magazine. It is a fascinating article and I recommend it. I was riveted to read about a spider of the Wendilgarda genus no bigger than a freckle. Conniff describes it thusly, "[It] strings a sort of tightrope across a stream and 'glues' its web to running water. . . [there were] 13 separate [web] lines down to the surface, like the leaders on a fisherman's trotline. The riffle of the stream kept the end of each line skating back and forth in search of water striders." This tiny creature attaches its silk thread to running water. Conniff comments, "something humans cannot achieve with our best super-glues."

This minute creature attaching itself to the reckless current has been a reoccurring image in my mind's eye. How does it calculate the faithful degree of flexibility to stay connected, anchored if you will, yet not be washed away or drown by the stream's unremitting intention to flow to the sea? How do I embrace the stream, while not becoming the stream itself? How may I feel the stream fully, this stream of goodness, as well as terror, of love and despair, compassion and fear while continuing to "swallow myself in ceaseless flow?" How may I stay webbed in the fullness of life as a flowing stream?

© Copyright 2002 Justine Willis Toms.  All Rights Reserved.

Justine Willis Toms
Justine Willis Toms is Co-Founder of New Dimensions Broadcasting Network and New Dimensions Radio and co-author with her husband Michael Toms of True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do.


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