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Denise Shaw Coryea

Soulful Living
by Denise Shaw Coryea

When I live in the fullness of my soul, I appreciate more of the nuances of my existence. The coin has two sides. Every situation has good and bad, easy and difficult, light and dark. My soul loves the richness of experiencing a full range of emotions. When I can see with my soul’s eyes, the tough times are not so tough. They are just another aspect of existence. I know my soul wants all of it -- joy and sorrow, ease and challenge, and scarcity to appreciate abundance.

My soul sees the symbolism of life. My Catholic upbringing included the dogma of no meat on Fridays, giving up chocolate for Lent and the omnipotence of the pope. Yet, my soul’s eyes soaked up the mysticism, the symbolism, the richness of the tradition, and the gathering of souls for a collective energy that could channel spirit to move mountains. Living from soul means living in both worlds -- the one deep in my heart, as well as the sticks and stones physical realm of human life. Bringing the universal connection of spirit and energy from the deep interior world into physical form is the essence of living from soul.

Then, I lighten up. Have fun. Play. I don’t take any of it too seriously, because this is just one round among so many. This lifetime is a blip on the timeline of eternity. So what if my bank account is empty this week. It will fill back up. Everything of matter is so fleeting that it is fun while it lasts, but it truly doesn’t matter. Being in human form, I do ask my soul to consider my physical comfort when possible. Living a soul life is sure a lot more fun when there is money in the bank and food on the table.

While I have learned to take my physical world less seriously, I think I appreciate it even more as I integrate more soul energy into my life, than when I lived mostly in my ego. My physical world becomes a game of “What can I think into form?” and “What would make this life really juicy?” Everything from trips to new appliances are toys for my soul to play with in this physical existence. Channeling soul into form is a blast. My physical world is a joy to inhabit -- lovely home, fun work, great kids, wonderful spouse, everything I want and need is right here around me. Living a soulful life is intensely satisfying.

© Copyright 2003 Denise Shaw Coryea.  All Rights Reserved. 

Denise Shaw Coryea
Denise Shaw Coryea, M.Ed., is a health educator, Angel Coach, mother and author. She loves life and getting e-mail from people who read her articles. Denise lives in Connecticut. dcoryea@angel-hope.com

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