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Carolyn McDonough

Living Soulfully
Guided Audio Meditation
by Carolyn McDonough, C. Ht. 

Living soulfully means allowing whatever is happening in life to proceed naturally and authentically even when the experience is less than positive. While it's essential to maintain a life-affirming anchor, such as a mind/body/spirit practice or volunteering, sometimes this anchor is stripped away and we find ourselves adrift, separated from what normally sustains us. At such times, rather than dredge for the former anchor perhaps it would be better to acknowledge and accept the new anchor-less reality.

During a difficult time recently when I was finding it especially hard to think positively, a gifted friend of mine who practices Buddhism offered the following observation: even negative thoughts, feelings, and memories are something, and that having them is better than nothing because it shows we’re still engaged in a dialogue with God. This supportive advice is an example of living soulfully, indeed, as is a conversation with a friend who threw me a new anchor when I needed one. I hope the following guided visualization offers such an anchor to anyone in need with all best wishes for all the days of the New Year.

Carolyn McDonough, C. Ht.

Audio Meditation for Living Soulfully

Visualize yourself in a beautiful natural outdoor setting, sitting on a beautiful rock anywhere in time or place that you would like. You're facing the big, hot sun which has just risen before you and warms your face, body, the rock and earth under your feet.

As the sun warms and relaxes you, opening your energy centers it also energizes the earth below you. So take a moment to feel the earth's energy enter you through the soles of your feet and up your legs, to the base of your spine, as it passes through the power and wisdom of the ages contained in the rock, conveying this to you energetically.

Feel this healing energy infusing your body, nourishing any parts that you would like, or that it is drawn to, as you sense it finding and energizing certain places in your being.

As you sit in this way before your Creator and the Sun, allowing the powerful sun and patient, strong earth energy to sustain you, start to feel the creation of a new place on your inner level to accept yourself and breathe in the deep relaxation of acceptance.

And take a moment now to allow the powerful energies and qualities that we have brought forth to resonate within you so that you may bring them into your day and life vision with you, and start to breathe in the earth's energy to ground and center you from your journey now, as we prepare to transition out of meditation feeling purified, centered and energized.

You may want to reconnect with your body by moving your hands, feet, head and neck slowly, and shade your eyes with your hands before opening them slowly, if you have been meditating with your eyes closed, allowing yourself some time to adjust.

© Carolyn McDonough 2003. All rights reserved.

Carolyn McDonough, C. Ht., is Founder and Producer of DesktopMeditations.com and was Associate Producer for the Spirituality Channel of Beliefnet.com, a multi-faith religion and spirituality website. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School and holds a BA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies from Vassar College where she graduated cum laude. She also studied at the University of Florence and was awarded a museum fellowship to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, where she became Assistant to the Director.

In 1993 a major health challenge and subsequent life transition led Carolyn to study meditation and yoga for self-healing. From this experience her singing voice re-awakened and she began recording again while also becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist, developing Desktop Meditations, a spoken word guided imagery technique based upon night dreams of her recovery and genesis of the WellNet with Carolyn RealAudio/Video netcast of online meditation now located at DesktopMeditations.com. Carolyns technique was created to assist others in self-healing through the guided imagery modality from her positive result with it. As the netcast and its website content expanded to include mind/body wellness, the original mission remains and has been featured extensively online as well as by The New York Times MindBodyHealth E.com Directory, Working Mother Magazine, PC Magazine Online, The Silicon Alley Reporter Winter, and CNNFN. You can email Carolyn at carolyn@desktopmeditations.com. Visit her website at: www.desktopmeditations.com


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