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Books for Finding Calling and Passion at Work

True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving
What You Do

by Michael Toms, Justine Willis Toms
If we could find a way to transform how we view what we do so that it becomes a source of enjoyment and refreshment, it would be a cause for
celebration. And indeed, this is exactly what Michael and Justine Toms provide in their remarkable book--the fruit of their own twenty-five years of practical experience.
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Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life 
by Gregg Michael Levoy

Drawing on the hard-won wisdom and powerful stories of people who have followed their own calls, Gregg Levoy shows us the many ways to translate a calling into action. In a style that is poetic, exuberant, and keenly insightful, he presents an illuminating and ultimately practical inquiry into how we listen and respond to our calls, whether at work or at home, in our relationships or in service.
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Making a Life, Making a Living: Reclaiming Your Purpose and Passion in Business and in Life 
by Mark S. Albion

Drawing on intimate interviews with a dozen fast-trackers he met on his search for happiness, Mark shares how these men and women found the courage and motivation to re-create successful professional lives guided by passion. 
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Find Your Calling, Love Your Life: Paths to Your Truest Self in Life and Work
by Martha Finney, Deborah Dasch
This book mines 20 inspirational true stories for the principles of finding and living one's calling. The subjects are ordinary men and women who have found personal greatness and growth through their work. In these stories they share their insights, challenges, miracles, and beliefs National author publicity.
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Take Your Soul To Work 
by Tanis Helliwell 

Take Your Soul To Work is an optimistic and practical book that gives you the tools to regain direction over your personal and work lives. It leads you through a step-by-step self-assessment that helps you to determine your true purpose and then offers concrete methods to bring your soul-infused personality into the workplace. 
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Inner Excellence at Work: The Path to Meaning, Spirit, and Success 
by Carol M. Orsborn

Using the seven principles found in this life-improving guide, readers will: Work less but achieve more * Learn to tap into new sources of inspiration, creativity, and vitality * Change their beliefs about business and life and the way they manage their careers--for the better * Find lasting happiness and success in chaotic, unstable times.
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The Purpose of Your Life 
by Carol Adrienne

Explains how to locate the source of personal innate energy and focus it, how to align oneself with the natural forces that swirl around, and how to develop the intuition that fosters synchronicity.
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The Passion Plan: A Step-By-Step Guide to Discovering, Developing, and Living Your Passion
by Richard Y. Chang 
Richard Chang, a leading consultant on performance for organizations and individuals, shows readers how to discover their own passion, decide where they want it to take them, and develop a plan to get there. Readers use passion to improve their performance, persuade others to help them meet their goals, and persist in the face of obstacles.
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Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work: 101 Stories of Courage, Compassion and Creativity in the Workplace 
by Jack Canfield (Editor), Mark Victor Hansen, Martin Rutte, ma Rogerson, Tim Clauss

A timely addition to the ever-popular Chicken Soup for the Soul collection, this volume features stories of exceptional courage, compassion, and dedication in the workplace. Employees and employers alike will savor these soul-strengthening accounts of individuals who discover spiritual values and find personal fulfillment on the job.
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Walk Into The Light and Reclaim Your Soul's Purpose 
by Clementine Marie Giovannetti 

If you have ever felt like giving up on your own spiritual path of self-discovery, this book is the flame of inspiration that will assist you in rediscovering your own true self in spirit; in reclaiming the miraculous healing powers within your soul; and in re-establishing and creating both a personal and professional vehicle that will support and encourage your new found spiritual path. 
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