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Hu Pryor

Without Balance, We Totter
by Hubert Pryor

SoulfuLiving's subject this season of Living Life in Balance turns our attention to one of the basic principles of serenity. And that principle itself can be ascribed to what indeed lies at the kernel of soulful living.

Serenity requires us to keep an open mind to all proposed principles of life without being a slave to any. And it is only in such a balanced way of life that we can be open to all forms of wisdom.

The ancient Greeks, especially among other time-tested philosophers, gave our civilization our aspiration to wisdom. They explored all avenues of the human mind's understanding of life and how to enjoy it. And their conclusion: Do nothing to excess.

Our own inspired United States Constitution, from the beginning, acknowledged the need for balance. Alexander Hamilton commented that "the introduction of legislative balances and checks" was among the "means, and powerful means, by which the excellences of republican government may be retained and its imperfections lessened or avoided."

Translate that into our own individual lives and we have an inspired principle to live by.

We believe in nothing to the exclusion of any possibility better than what we think best. We do nothing to excess, certainly nothing unvirtuous, and wisely not even if we think it right. The answer to all, in other words, lies in a Wisdom beyond our human understanding. We profit by open-mindedness, though not by inaction. We do what we think is right, but are open to what might be better.

By balance, in its simplest terms, we survive the storms of life. In a gale, we extend our arms in balance so we won't be blown over. And in a crisis, our minds open up their wings to explore all ways of escape or relief.

Even in such personal matters as overindulgence, we profit by balance, maybe even survive. Not many of us can plead innocence of greed. One slice of chocolate cake is wonderful. Maybe even one-and-a-half. But after two or more we live to regret the extra bloating.

Let us mind the words attributed to A. B. Zu Tavern:

"A well-balanced person never does any single thing to the exclusion of everything else. He has learned that the enjoyment of anything is lost just the moment he gets too much of that thing. He quits eating before he becomes completely satisfied. He watches constantly his balance, or poise."

Speaking more directly, we might just say: "Never too little and never too much. If we're off balance, we may need a crutch."

©Copyright 2005 Hubert Pryor. All Rights Reserved.

Hubert Pryor
Hubert Pryor
is a retired editor of national magazines--Modern Maturity and Science Digest among others--Hubert Pryor is the author of SOUL TALK: Positive Mind Treatments to Turn Your Life Around (available through DeVorss & Co., 553 Constitution Ave., Camarillo, CA 93012, 800-843-5743, www.devorss.com) and a forthcoming book, SERENITY 101: Spiritual Wisdom, Ancient and Modern, for Peace of Mind Today.


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